Are INFPs critics

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Optimist who likes to help others but can be too unrealistic.
Introverted - iNtuition - Feeling - Perceiving
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+1. Strengths

  • Idealistic Point of view, help, motivate and to advise like others, are good at mediating and mediating
  • Very creative and full of ideas, very strong ones Imagination, can do something original to everything, unique Add
  • Can be very good linguistically and artistic express, especially in writing
  • Many recognize it possibilities, see below the surface and from different perspectives
  • Flexible, have high learning ability and high ideals, are future- and growth oriented
  • Very positive attitude emotionally, and recognize well Feelings and motivation another
  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________

- 2. weaknesses

  • Can concentrate too much on certain ideas and be too unrealistic
  • Can take criticism and personal conflicts too much to heart
  • Can struggle with organization and timing.
  • Can see things too loosely and wait for them to take care of themselves
  • May have a lack of motivation and determination
  • Can be too reserved and reserved
  • _____________________________________________
  • _____________________________________________

●●○ Motivation traffic light:

Positive feedbackHarmonious environment
free space Rules & Regulations
Self-actualizationIdentification with work
TeamworkWorking alone
Variety & changesroutine
Communication with othersHelp others
_____________________ Conflicts

GREEN= has a positive effect on you; RED = has a negative effect on you; BLACK = neutral, does not have a particularly positive or negative effect on you;


►►►3. These tips may be helpful to you:

Specific for INFP dreamers:

  1. Talk: Discuss your thoughts and ideas with others, and do not fully reflect on them for yourself, even if you consider doing so to be a risk.
  2. Give help & ask about it: Don't hesitate to offer your help to others. Most will be grateful for it. Ask for help too, and don't try to do it all on your own. Talk to others about important things instead of making decisions on your own.
  3. Criticism helps: Learn to smile at criticism and not take it too personally instead of feeling attacked or dismissing it: The criticism is not directed against you as a whole person, but points you to certain things / behavior that you can improve. Do not see criticism and suggestions as an attacking fist, but as an outstretched hand, and grasp them to grow on them.
  4. Reality check: Always check your ideas objectively for real applicability. The same applies to your expectations towards others. Don't think too much, put your ideas into action. Get rid of thoughts and plans that don't get you anywhere. Do not always see things from a purely emotional perspective, but also consider rational, logical elements.
  5. To appreciate: Don't underestimate your worth. Think about your own needs, too, and don't always put them behind those of others. Take pride in what you have achieved and pat yourself on the back every now and then.
  6. Conflicts: Imagine conflicts and don't brush them under the rug! Be open about or object to the problem and come up with a constructive solution that will benefit everyone. Do not wait so long for pressure to build up in you, but clarify things early on. On smaller occasions, practice asserting yourself in order to be able to express your opinion on important things later!
  7. Decide: Don't think forever about all the options and possibilities you have, just decide and act. Often there is no one right decision, but many paths lead to the goal. Write your thoughts on paper, put an exclamation mark after them, and act immediately!
  8. Time planning: At least let yourself be involved in a necessary minimum of time planning, set appointments and deadlines, and stick to them. Success does not fall into your lap. Make a list of priorities and don't be overly perfectionist in doing your job. Set short-term, achievable, motivating goals and put them into action.
  9. _____________________________________________
  10. _____________________________________________


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