What is the greatest lie of the people?

The biggest lie

"No, you will not die," said the snake to the first woman. And that was the first lie. The people died not physically, but mentally. Then their eyes opened. Were you blind before? Or which eyes have opened to them, the eyes of the body or they eyes of the soul? Now they realized that they were naked. They recognized themselves and also the evil. They had lost paradisiacal obedience in the shadow of God. In the beginning they should only know the good God. Then the woman saw the fruits of the tree, which were a feast for the eyes, desirable and very delicious.

People still live under this paradisiacal temptation caused by the advertising of the ultra-modern media market that makes everything desirable, the exploitation of creation, the utopian promises of politicians, the oppression of the weaker, the corrupt attitudes in the economy and the reduction of people on a consumerism. We should use the days of Lent to observe these phenomena carefully.

Three times Jesus is tempted by the devil in the desert. The three-fold lie of the devil, which concerns the lust of the flesh, power and wealth, is overcome by the word of God or the wisdom of God. Eve acted against God's will in Paradise through the serpent. Jesus Christ resisted temptation through his words.

Saint John of the Cross writes (quote): “The more a person holds a clear and clear, natural or supernatural perception as prey, the less the ability and willingness to enter the abyss of faith where everything else is swallowed up. Because ... .. none of the supernatural forms or insights that can fall into the memory is God, and of everything that is not God, man has to empty himself in order to go to God.

Your chaplain, Father Shaji Panakkal