Does my fitness trainer like me

In love despite relationship?

I love my boyfriend. Actually. And actually improper too.

My boyfriend is totally my type. He has dark hair, a three-day beard, is taller than me, and does sports. He's also pretty smart. He is interested in all kinds of things and gives to me Advice in all situations. He likes animals and he spoons me when I fall asleep. Only hanging up clothes is not his thing. But I can overlook that. So what more do I want? No idea. Honest.

But recently something happened to me again that really irritated me.

I do a lot of sport and like to spend my free time in the gym. I am known there. Everyone greets me. I was just doing the eleventh repetition of a shoulder exercise when a loud and powerful "Moin" threw me off my feet. Out of sheer shock, I dropped the dumbbell on the floor. "I didn't mean to scare you, but you're doing it wrong", he said. I turned around and found a pretty big guy. Fitness trainer. Blond. About six feet tall. Actually not my type at all, I found out after a short scan. He then showed me how to do the exercise correctly and stayed with me for a few minutes to check that I was doing his instructions correctly. Then he left.

Days passed, I had completely forgotten the fitness guy. Until the next training.


Feelings for two guys, is that possible?

Then he greeted me very nicely. We began to talk. He still wasn't my type. Even less than before. To be honest, I thought he was pretty stupid because he thought he was so horny. Without my wanting to know, he told me how many women he had already had and why he was such a great guy in the first place. I listened briefly, the rest went in one ear and out the other. He didn't even ask anything about me. Just blah blah. How glad I was about my friend. Who listens to me and asks me every time how my day was. So I politely said goodbye to the one-ninety-one blondie and went back to my training.

I don't know why, but somehow I couldn't get the fitness guy out of my head. Even though I thought he was so stupid.

I think I found the whole thing kind of exciting and wanted to please him at all costs. To this day I can't explain it any other way. Or maybe it was just the fact that he's my fitness trainer. Just the typical teacher-student crush thing.

In any case, we exchanged cell phone numbers a few days later. I also found the coach type exhausting on WhatsApp. He always wrote only the bare essentials and didn't seem interested at all. When we met in the gym, it was always somehow different. At least when he had nothing to do. He always liked to chat there. I was completely confused. Was he interested now or not?

I don't remember exactly how it came about, but at some point we agreed to meet for sushi on Friday evening. He was really excited about it. At least he wrote on WhatsApp. Two days earlier he canceled for flimsy reasons. Back injury. Aha. Whoever believes it ...


Emotional chaos: I don't know what to think!

Saturday morning I got a new training plan from him. He trained with me for an hour and a half instead of the usual half hour. The atmosphere between us was relaxed and tense at the same time. How am I supposed to understand that again? While I was still training, I decided to back off so as not to get confused any further. But then I did the math without him. A few minutes after I left the gym in short dresses, I received a WhatsApp message from him praising me for the workout. We wrote back and forth a few times. At some point I wanted to be particularly smart and stopped answering. How it always works.

Incidentally, everything went on as normal with my boyfriend. Because as soon as I got home, I forgot the fitness guy and my boyfriend was fully on the screen again.

The next week, the fitness blonde and I saw each other again while exercising. We talked and arranged to meet again in the evening via What's app. Just to chat. It seemed like he was looking forward to it again. I, on the other hand, rescheduled this evening twice because I was sure that he would still cancel.

He didn't. We met. It was getting late, he had just returned from work and was hungry. I had already eaten, but still accompanied him to the nearest kebab shop. Apart from the fact that he forced me to take him to a kebab pan (Doner meat baked with pieces of bread and cheese) to share, he told me strange stories. I asked him where he grew up and what he does when he's not looking after fitness amateurs in the studio. He didn't tell me anything about himself, but a bizarre, but, and I have to give him that, incredibly funny story about Norbert the hedgehog. Who is Norbert the Hedgehog? No idea. I haven't found that out until today. Neither did I find out about the guy. To this day I know precious little about him.

After we had devoured the donner pan - somehow I was still hungry - he brought me back to my bike. He told me a lot about the horse again on the way. Now and then he put his arm around my shoulder. The arm weighed what felt like 100 kilos. The much bigger problem was that the whole situation confused me again. When I got to the bike, I said goodbye to him with a hug.


Forgiven but still in love?

The following weekend I asked WhatsApp if he would like to do something in the coming week. "I'm pretty full this week, we have to see", was his answer. All right. But no interest.

But why did I even care if he was interested? I had my boyfriend. My great dark-haired guy with a three-day beard. I still don't know today. But the whole thing has shown me once again that other mothers also have beautiful sons, but none who are as smart, sweet and at the same time as annoying as my boyfriend.