What are the Melaleuca products

Tea Tree - tea tree

Brief description

Features and benefits
  • Helps against visible skin blemishes
  • Promotes the healthy appearance of hair and scalp ...
  • ... and maintains the healthy appearance of skin and nails when applied to feet and toenails
  • Contains the naturally occurring ingredients terpinen-4-ol, gamma-terpinene and alpha-terpinene
  • Is a component of the essential oil blends Purification® and Melrose ™ as well as ClaraDerm ™
  • Helps remove musty smells
  • Is also suitable as a natural deodorant
  • Clear, sharp, astringent aroma
  • Terpinen-4-ol
  • Gamma terpinene
  • Alpha terpinene
  • 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol)
  • Alpha terpineol
  • Para-cymene
  • Limes
  • Aroma dendrons
  • Delta Cadines
  • Alpha pinene


Melaleuca alternifolia * (tea tree) oil
* 100% pure essential oil

Suggested application

  • The topical use of tea tree oil helps against visible skin blemishes.
  • Mix tea tree oil with water in a small glass spray bottle to freshen up bed linen and towels.
  • Ideal for misting to eliminate unwanted, sticky smells.
  • In combination with citrus scents such as lemon or lemongrass, you get a natural air freshener.
  • The ideal addition to homemade soaps or moisturizers to enhance their cleansing properties.
  • Apply topically before bed for healthy looking skin.
  • To combat the pungent smell of sports gear - even before they end up in the laundry basket.
  • Put your feet up and let the daily stress disappear: the refreshing fragrance transforms every room into a small spa.
  • Whether for work or study: With this clearing, refreshing fragrance you can overcome mental blockages and keep your focus even late in the evening.
  • Combine with your favorite citrus oil from Young Living - for cleaning the refrigerator and wonderfully fresh air in the kitchen at the same time.
Tea tree essential oil has a fresh, stimulating scent and is ideal for eliminating unwanted, musty smells. Due to its cleansing properties, the oil is also very popular as an additive to skin care and beauty products.
On the skin: Apply 2-4 drops directly to the desired area. No dilution required, except for very sensitive skin. Apply as needed.
Diffuse up to 30 minutes 3 times a day.
Caution: keep out of the reach of children. Only for external use. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. Consult a doctor prior to use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, medication or illness.

Learn more about it

This essential oil has been valued for centuries for its myriad of wellness and beauty benefits. Today tea tree oil is one of the most important essential oils in the beauty industry. It is obtained by means of steam from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, which is native to Australia and belongs to the Myrtaceae family.
Scientific name:Melaleuca alternifolia

Botanical family: Myrtaceae

Growing areas: Australia, France, South Africa

Part of the plant that is used: Leaves

Extraction method: Steam distillation

Farm / region: Most of Young Living's tea tree essential oil comes from Australia and South Africa.