How do you apologize for the interruption?

Translation of "sorry for the interruption" in english

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Excuse me for interrupting
Sorry for the interruption
My apologies for the interruption
Sorry to interruptbut we have visitors for Julian and I thought he'd like to see them right away.
I'm sorry to interrupt, sir but there are a couple of visitors here looking for Julian and I thought he might want to see them right away.
Sorry to interrupt, but I overheard your conversation.
Sorry to interruptbut we have something to do.
Sorry to interrupt... but we are now switching to the north-western boundary ... where Prime Minister Shigezawa is inspecting the barricade.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but we're switching now to the northwest perimeter, where Premier Shigezawa has gone to inspect the blockade.
MAN opens the door: Agent Scully, sorry for the interruptionbut you're being asked by a George Hale on the phone.
MAN: Agent Scully, sorry to interrupt, but you have a call from a George Hale, says it's urgent.
What I mean, and sorry for the interruption, Commander, is that I think we are on the wrong track.
Sorry to interruptSir, but Saul Berenson is waiting outside.
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