There is a New Hampshire marijuana tax

@Lars Rogg:

I have collected signatures from the DHV for the petition currently taking place.

Unfortunately, even among young people there are some hackneyed arguments like “it's a gateway drug” and “cannabis users are criminals because it's illegal” (no joke, I really had to listen to it).

There are also a lot of people who can't wait to sign! That is very satisfying then.

Also had some discussions, some are split in two opinions and some are already 80% or 90% convinced, but cannot get through because they still have final doubts.

Some have had bad experiences with stoners and are afraid there will be more of them after legalization. They don't really want to believe that this was not the case in other countries either. Others have given up another drug themselves, similar to Martin Schulz, and are then fundamentally against all drugs.

Some admit that they know too little about it, or that they need and want to get information. Which I can fully respect, and I think some of them really will.

In America, the successes also came about through decades of lobbying by individuals, including collecting signatures and much more. No legalization state has achieved this by having stoners commented on the internet. Even if that may make a small contribution.

I can only recommend that you print out the DHV's list of petitions several times and take a clipboard to the street and then speak to people who are open-minded.

It was a new experience for me, too, and the bottom line was that it was worth it.

Unfortunately, with those who are strictly against it, nothing can be achieved in this way. But there are also many who are “open minded”. And sending the signatures to the Bundestag is definitely worth it because it keeps the debate going and reappears in the media.