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Re: RaspberryMatic - New version

Contribution from Hackertomm » 06.05.2021, 10:41

So, I've just called up the WebUi again, adjusted the IP of the living room display on the ground floor in the program, without any further changes.
And this time without the Raspberrymatic hanging up!
This time it worked immediately.
And the display was there immediately.
So for now the problem has been fixed!

But yesterday there was nothing to be done about dying, even just trying to test the script for deleting the LCD display, the Webui hung up immediately.
I suspect a disturbance from the outside!
If that happens often, the Federal Network Agency will have to take care of it!
Because I sometimes observe strange things in the 5Ghz WLAN.
I have the strongest signal all around, although my router is not even set to full power.
But still it happens every now and then, preferably at the weekend, that my NB disconnects from the WLAN and connects again immediately.
That goes on for a few minutes and then it's gone again.
Whereby there are so far only 3 routers in the vicinity that are on 5GHz WLAN.
That's me, then my neighbor and another.
In total, there are around 30 WLAN routers in the vicinity that I can see with a program.
I sometimes do that just to see which channels they are on and then, if necessary, adapt the channel to my router.
And also to see what is going on in the area.


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