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IQ Option: our full report on this trusted broker

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Online brokers offering web trading services have been plentiful since the explosion of FinTech, the digital technology in finance. This has made the financial markets much more accessible to laypeople. The quality of the services offered is just as inconsistent as that of the existing online trading platforms. What can we say about the IQ option? Is it a reliable and efficient broker? What types of investments do traders have access to? What are the fees? In this overview we present our comprehensive and objective Opinion on the IQ option.

Opinion on the IQ Option: what our experts say about it

It is impossible to imagine the IQ option without mentioning its steady rise in the hearts of investors around the world. Still, it's a fairly young trading platform since it was founded in 2014. However, this did not prevent them from quickly climbing the ladder of popularity. This success is based on easily identifiable elements.

The Opinion on the IQ option is unanimous in many European countries where the online broker has risen to the leading position: Germany, Austria, most of the Scandinavian countries. The other countries in an enlarged euro zone are beginning to be seduced by a fairly complete offer: currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, etc. The IQ Option, thanks to its certification by the Cyprus-based CySEC authority, sends the European Market monitors and other local authorities such as the AMF in France or the FCA in Great Britain send out strong signals of reliability.

The IQ option strategy is based on a fair price policy, powerful technological tools and particularly motivating personal support.

Now let's go into the details of this well-oiled machine: interface, registration fees, features, etc. How does the IQ Option work?

The French IQ-Option platform

All users agree on the great fluidity and responsiveness of the proposed web trading platform made available through investment intermediaries. The French IQ option is what we call a market maker. This means that it reflects the reality of the stock markets identically. Traders do not physically buy the financial instruments present at the interface. You only speculate about the fluctuations - up or down - in prices. The performance achieved through the interface is largely due to the software support provided by the indispensable MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 used by most trusted online brokers. They are very intuitive and offer unprecedented responsiveness to stock market updates as well as very advanced analytical tools for easier decision making.

Open an account on IQ Option France

Proud of its FinTEch approach IQ option fr a 100% digital registration. You can either fill out the form on the website by entering the required personal information - last name, first name, contact email, telephone - or by providing your IQ Option customer account Connect via Facebook or Google. A validation code will be sent to the telephone number provided. It must be entered in the space provided.

Once this step is done, the user has a choice:

  • the IQ Option demo accountwhich allows you to practice online trading without any risk with access to most of the platform's features and financial products
  • the IQ real money option account, for which receipts (ID, proof of address) have to be sent to the support for validation and a deposit has to be made as start-up capital

Trading offers on IQ Option Forex

This is explained in the introduction. IQ Option Forex is particularly attractive for its diversified range of exchange instruments that are traded on the various world markets:

  • Equity CFDs, which is nearly 7,500 publicly traded international companies, some of which are listed on NASDAQ and the NYSE
  • 14 of the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The broker offers favorable terms for this type of investment
  • 188 very active international forex currency pairs. Example: EUR / USD, EUR / GBP
  • ETFs that include 14 commodities (gold, oil, gas, etc.), stock market indices, and baskets of assets. That's almost 4,300 ETFs

In total, there are more than 10 million options available for trading. A lot of data is constantly being passed through exchange operations in order to screw up the right IQ option trick which can be a great opportunity for profit.

Many financial instruments are subject to the practice of leverage. The IQ option multiplies the trading power of its investors by lending them an amount of money equivalent to opening a position with a larger volume. For example, currencies have a leverage of 30. If the order wins, the winnings are multiplied by 30. If she loses, the same mechanism applies to her losses. It should be noted that the IQ Option added security to the trading account by preventing the transition to a negative balance

What about agency fees? Another point for the web trade broker. Its pricing policy is one of the most valued by traders. Beginners see this as an opportunity to hedge their financial transactions with limited risk. Experts see this as an incredible opportunity to increase your profitability by charging limited fees based on the transactions made. Here are the top IQ option fees

  • fixed fees (commissions or spreads) for the majority of financial instruments: Iq Option Forex, IQ Option Bitcoin, Commodities; Indices and CFDs
  • administration fees on the exchange rate for incoming or outgoing transactions (approx. 3%)
  • an inactivity fee of € 10 per month for any account that is inactive for more than 90 days

Make a deposit

A customer of the IQ-Option can make a deposit using several payment methods:

  • transmission
  • VIsa / Mastercard credit card
  • electronic wallets or eWallets: Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller
  • search for domicile country: Sofort and Klarna

IQ Minimum Deposit Option set at $ 10, free and instant. Multiple currencies are accepted by the platform

Make a withdrawal

Once again, the broker stands out from its competitors by offering a withdrawal of just $ 2 once the account shows a positive balance. In the case of a bank transfer withdrawal, there is a fixed fee of $ 31. It is possible to withdraw your funds using the above payment methods. Our IQ tip option: prefer withdrawals to an electronic wallet. The processing time is very short (maximum 24 hours) and the fees are very low.

IQ Option customer service

Feedback on the broker's customer service has generally been very positive since the platform was launched. What is highlighted the most is the professionalism and active listening of the investment advisors. They are all experts in stock market investing and technology used in finance.

The telephone customer support is available in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish, which means that we can cover a good part of the broker's clientele. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The contact methods for customer service at IQ Option are varied:

  • live chat
  • Open a ticket from the contact area
  • phone with a number assigned for each language spoken

The broker shows surprising performance: 46 seconds for each new collection as soon as it arrives in the chat; Tickets are processed in a maximum of 24 minutes.

If you are a customer with a VIP account, you will have a personalized manager who will shorten the waiting time for your inquiries

The advantages of the broker: IQ option tip

This is an integral part of the broker's marketing strategy. In addition to the powerful platform, impeccable customer service and competitive agency fees, the IQ Option offers a number of exclusive advantages that leave a deep impression. Here is our IQ Option tip pick.

Iq bot

The platform's automatic trading robot. It is the result of the best technology used on the stock market combined with a very powerful artificial intelligence. Just download the IQ Option bot from the website. After a rigorous parameterization of your investment strategy, IQ Bot takes care of the execution of financial operations and profitable investments for your balance sheet. It is necessary to deposit at least $ 100 as seed capital to start trading bot. All observers and analysts agree that this initial bet is quickly filled by the profits made. The ROI is around 80%.

Types of accounts

We have already mentioned the IQ Demo option account, which offers the opportunity to test the web trading platform for free, virtually and without any financial loss. There are also 2 real money accounts

  • the normal account, which, when validated by support, provides access to 70 assets for a minimum deposit of $ 10 and opening positions from $ 1. This is the perfect option for the novice and cautious trader alike. All functions are available including order execution configuration such as Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • the VIP account, which is in a sense the Pro-IQ options account. The minimum amount is set at $ 3000. Full access to all financial instruments and instruments. A personalized manager takes care of VIP customers. Withdrawals are processed in a matter of hours and a detailed activity report is generated monthly to monitor performance

Depending on the type of trader account you choose, it will be easier to diversify your portfolio of assets. Profitability monitoring enables you to adjust your trading strategy to increase your profits in a more sustainable manner.


IQ Option is greatly appreciated for the support and training it provides to investors of all levels. Both beginners and professionals can find relevant information here about the problems they face during their career as a web retailer. You can learn to trade step by step.

Beginners can practice on the demo account without any pressure, which is an excellent practice in real conditions.

The FAQ covers various general topics about online trading and how the platform works.

The IQ options advisors and analysts regularly publish specialist articles covering all topics related to stock market investing.

The blog allows you to keep up to date with the latest stock market news and important events that can affect trends. Analyzes, explanations and strategies are on the agenda.

The mobile version of the IQ-Option

Such a complete and technologically advanced broker could not do without a mobile version. IQ Option has developed an application that can be downloaded from Android and Apple Store and that integrates all the functions of the browser version into a smartphone or tablet without any loss of speed or utility.

The IQ Mobile Option is one of the most successful mobile devices on the market today. Fully responsive design, no display or speed issues. Navigate seamlessly from your wallet to your customer area using some trend graphs.

Offer the pleasure of trading your assets from almost anywhere, anytime. Keep an eye on your investments at all times

IQ Opinion Option from our experts

What can we find out about the IQ Option online broker? Is it really the web trading platform that should follow?

Indicators pointing in this direction are legion. During the course of this review, we introduced the agent's great technical, technological, marketing, and financial qualities.

We can only agree with the many satisfied users and professional analysts. The low pricing, access to the main exchange instruments (Forex trading, cryptocurrencies, CFDs), high quality tools, an automatic trading robot and efficient customer service naturally position IQ Option in the preferences of both beginners and experienced traders. We can easily understand how the IQ option has established itself in several European countries and why it is likely to continue to conquer the market for a long time. Thanks to a rational, knowledgeable and profitable proposal, the broker shows that it is possible for anyone to make lasting profits and to consolidate them over time. The right tools at the right time in the right hands.

The conclusion is unanimous: the IQ Option is more than recommendable.