How can I clog a steam iron

Descaling the iron - cleaned in 30 minutes

An iron should not be missing in any household, because after all, shirts and blouses are only really attractive if they are wrinkle-free. Steam irons are particularly popular, but the use of tap water can cause limescale deposits. However, the iron does not have to be disposed of if limescale clogs the small nozzles; 30 minutes Easy to clean at home.

Ironing is a strenuous and unpopular activity, but it only becomes really annoying when the steam nozzles are calcified and ugly, white stains remain on the laundry. But the device is by no means defective, it does not take longer than half an hour to deal with this problem and to be able to iron at full steam again. There are various ways in which you can descale a steam iron; the ingredients are easily available in drug stores and supermarkets. How often the device needs to be descaled depends on the hardness of the water and the degree of soiling. This is easy to see with a look at the underside of the iron.


Home remedies and products

What you need for descaling:

  • with citric acid:
    • a packet of citric acid
    • tap water
    • Disposable cups
  • with vinegar essence:
  • with descaler:
    • commercial descaling agent

Decalcification with citric acid

The preparation

Empty the water tank of your steam iron completely, old water already contains lime again and would make descaling more difficult. Give 200 ml Water in a disposable cup and mix in two teaspoons of citric acid. Stir the mixture well so that the powder can completely dissolve. Now fill the lemon mixture into the tank of your steam iron and let it heat up to the highest level. The device should stand as upright as possible so that the liquid can be optimally distributed throughout the steam iron.

The descaling
When the iron is fully heated, dispense ten puffs of it. In this way, the descaler is distributed in the system and gets into the hoses and nozzles of the device. Don't forget to activate the spray function for fresh water at least ten times, because limescale can easily build up here too. After you have delivered the puffs, place the device upright on the ironing pad and leave it for one quarter of an hour stand there. During this time, the descaler is even better distributed in the system and slowly dissolves the residue.

After 15 minutes, heat the steam iron back up to the highest level and operate the steam function at least 20 times. During this process, bits of lime will come out of the nozzles, so you should go inside old towel use as a base. If after twenty sprays there are still limescale residues, let the iron stand for another five minutes and then repeat the process. Carry out this until no more dirt or limescale particles emerge from the nozzles.

Completion of the descaling

When limescale has been removed from the steam iron, you can empty the water tank and rinse it thoroughly under running water. Then fill the tank again with water and put it back in the steamer. Now let the temperature rise again and empty the entire tank using the nozzle function and the fresh water sprayer. This prevents the citric acid residues from the descaling process from building up and soiling your laundry. In between, smell the old towel on which you are emptying the steam iron. If the odor of citric acid has not disappeared after emptying the tank, fill it up again and repeat the process.

When the steam iron has cooled down completely and has been disconnected from the power supply, you still need to clean the outside. A damp cloth is sufficient for this, with which you can remove any residues of citric acid from the base plate. Dry the device well, otherwise limescale can quickly appear.

Descale with vinegar

The preparation

If you plan to use vinegar essence to descale your iron, you should be extra careful with the dosage. Vinegar essence is very corrosive and attacks the hoses and nozzles of the device if overdosed. Completely empty the water tank of your iron and pour 300 mlWater in a disposable cup. Now mix 25 ml Add vinegar essence to the water and stir the mixture well. Then pour the mixture into the tank of your steam iron.

Tip: Vinegar essence can be optimally dosed with a disposable syringe, which is available in the pharmacy.

The descaling
Connect your steam iron to the electricity and place it upright on the ironing board. Let the temperature rise to the maximum level and then press ten times the iron's spray function. Please do the same with the fresh water distributor, because dirt particles collect here too. Now let the iron stand upright for at least five and a maximum of ten minutes so that the vinegar and water mixture can dissolve the limescale. Then heat up again to the maximum level and run at least twenty sprays with the steam function and twenty sprays with the fresh water sprayer.

Be sure to put an old towel under it beforehand, because limescale residue will be sprayed out from the underside of your iron. If after twenty sprays there is still dirt residue from the iron, let the appliance stand upright again for at least five minutes. Then repeat the spraying process again. Carry out this until only clear steam and water emerge from the device. Now you can let the iron cool down and remove the tank. Empty the remaining liquid from the descaling process and wash the tank thoroughly with running water.

Completion of the descaling

After cleaning, fill the tank again with water and reattach it to the iron. Now heat the device a third time on the maximum temperature level and let the entire contents of the tank emerge through the steam nozzles. Here, too, you should operate the fresh water regulator every now and then, because here, too, possible residues of the vinegar essence mixture have settled. The water that comes out of the steam nozzles last should be completely odorless, so check the emerging odor in the meantime. The descaling process is only complete when no vinegar smell penetrates more than the iron.

Now disconnect the device from the power supply and let it cool down completely. Before the next use, it is necessary that you wipe the base plate thoroughly with a damp cloth so that no traces of the vinegar solution are left. Carefully dry the sub-floor with some kitchen paper.

Iron - descaler

The preparation

Completely empty the tank of your steam iron and prepare the descaling agent according to the instructions on the package. If it is powdered, it must be completely dissolved in water before pouring into the tank. Please mix the powder Not directly in the tank, as clumps could form and clog the nozzles of your steam iron.

The descaling

Pour the descaling mixture into the tank of your steam iron and place it upright on a mat or ironing board. Turn the temperature control to the maximum setting and let the steam iron heat up. The actual descaling process only begins when the highest level has been reached. Spray ten times with the fresh water distributor and activate the steam function ten times. Then leave the device upright on the ironing board for at least ten minutes. During this time, the descaling solution can spread in the device. Limescale deposits on hoses or in the nozzles are loosened and can then be easily removed.

After the waiting time, let the ironing device heat up again to the maximum level and then operate the steam regulator twenty times and the fresh water distributor twenty times. You can easily see the dirt particles on a towel placed underneath, which are removed from the steam nozzle during this process. If there are still more residues after twenty sprays, let the descaling agent take effect again for five minutes. You can now use the steam function again. Please carry out this process until only clear steam and water are pumped out of the nozzles.

Completion of the descaling

After descaling, let the device cool down completely and pull the power plug. Check that there are no more residual particles hanging from the outside of the nozzles. Thoroughly wash the underside of the device with a damp cloth, as residues of the descaling solution could be deposited here. Then dry the device well with a piece of kitchen paper.

Tips for fast readers

  • Completely empty the tank of the device
  • Prepare agent for descaling
  • Stir the mixture well
  • Dissolve any powder completely
  • Pour the mixture into the tank
  • Stand the iron upright
  • Bring the temperature to the maximum
  • Activate the steam function ten times
  • Pump fresh water supply ten times
  • wait five to ten minutes
  • Reheat the temperature
  • Operate both nozzles twenty times
  • Repeat the process until the steam is completely clear
  • Rinse the tank and fill it with water
  • Empty the entire tank using the steam nozzles