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Catalyst meshes

Catalyst systems are used for the industrial oxidation of ammonia and the production of hydrocyanic acid and caprolactam. Our aim is to achieve continuous improvement through close cooperation with the customer before, during and after the use of our products. To this end, we offer various services such as on-site support and the analysis of production campaigns.

Nitric acid is an important basic chemical that is produced around the world. It forms the basis for the production of ammonium nitrate fertilizers, nitrate explosives and various complex acids. In addition, Heraeus has developed a primary, secondary and tertiary catalytic solution that significantly reduces the N2Enables release of O. The greenhouse gas N2O is 310 times more harmful than CO2. Every year around 1.2 million tons of this gas are released by the nitric acid industry.

Hydrocyanic acid is produced using the Andrussow process, in which air, ammonia and methane react with one another via a network system made of platinum. Cyanides are used in the industrial production of nylon and acrylic glass as well as in dump leaching in mining.

Caprolactam and hydroxylamine are intermediate products in the manufacture of synthetic fibers from polyamide. The individual steps of the overall process can differ slightly for different technologies. The first necessary process step, however, is always the most efficient possible oxidation of ammonia into nitrogen monoxide. Platinum-rhodium catalyst gauzes are used to achieve high efficiency in this process step.