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Thanks to Easy LMS, we no longer send our training courses by email, but use a user-friendly platform. All of our employees can easily access the platform during their training and use it for reference purposes. We can also track the performance within the training courses and in this way guarantee that all employees receive exactly the training they need to be successful in the company!

Kyle Buchta Training and Development Manager Mac & Mia

We would like to thank the Easy LMS team. They always solved our doubts, the software is very easy to use and allows us to manage our information more effectively.

Jacqueline Santamaria Training manager Hal Aluminum Mexico

With Easy LMS and the Academy add-on, we were able to train and evaluate more than 200 specialists, and the number is increasing every week. This gave our accreditation process for mortgage specialists an official LIBF accreditation. Something that we believe cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

Pete Mugleston Managing director Online Mortgage Advisor

Easy LMS has given us the opportunity to make health and safety tangible in our organization. The service from Easy LMS is excellent and we would recommend this system to any organization looking to implement e-learning. It is actually easy.

Janet Ellis People & Capability Manager Southland District Council