Is Moonsun from Mamamoo real


~ Yongsun's point of view ~

Lost in thought I tied my shoes while Hwasa groaned in annoyance in the doorway.

"We're always the last, Solar!" Pouted my best friend.

"Calm down," I countered and then shouldered my bag.

We had eight hours of school today and then cheerleading training. Since the championship is coming up soon, we still have some extra time behind it. Everything had to be perfect for the championship.

We ran out of the locker room, locked the door, and ran from the school grounds.

Knowing how dedicated we are to cheerleading, Mrs. Hwang gave us the keys. So we could always get in and out, so train how often and for how long we wanted. The cheerleading team is, after all, the pride of the school.

"I hate winter. Why does it have to be dark already? ", My best friend whined next to me, while she snuggled into her scarf.

I shrugged my shoulders, "It's not that bad."

"Your nickname is Solar, then you should be facing the sun, right?" Hwasa mumbled into her scarf.

"No, I am the sun!" I stuck out my tongue playfully.

"Shall I accompany you home?", Hwasa suddenly said when we were standing at the intersection. Hwasa had to turn right and her house would then be right on the street. I, however, had to walk straight ahead and another 5 minutes.

"No, I can do it." I grinned and hugged Hwasa to say goodbye.

“I have a really queasy feeling. Are you sure? ", The black-haired looked around nervously.

“Even if you do, you'll be alone on the way back. All right. ", I smiled at her insecurity. We live in a village, what should happen?

"Okey," Hwasa wrinkled her nose, "write to me when you're home!".

"I do. See you tomorrow ", I rolled my eyes with a grin and walked on. In the corner of my eye I saw Hwasa unlocking the front door and going inside.

The wind was also freshening and I put my hands in my jacket pocket. I heard a stick crack and looked over my shoulder but saw nothing. Great, Hwasa infected me with her scare tactics. Calm down, Yongsun.

I quickened my pace and swallowed. There is nothing going on. You're just educating yourself.

I heard footsteps. My steps? I stopped but didn't hear the footsteps. I opened my eyes and stopped dead in place. The steps stopped. The person was right behind more. It was quiet for a moment. I realized what was going on and started running. The person behind me started running too.

My condition was good, but training today had left its mark, which is why I was caught up. Before I could scream, a cloth was pressed over my mouth and my eyes went dim. I heard a woman's voice muffled until my eyes went black.