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Office and creative work on the gaming laptop: does it make sense?

Before I started my own business a few years ago, I thought about what kind of PC might be the right one for me. It should definitely be a laptop so that I am always mobile and can change my location. In the beginning, the plan was to make money writing, which I mainly use Microsoft Word for, and a browser of course. Since the money is rarely sown when starting out on my own, I first opted for a simple mid-range laptop.

However, I am also a passionate gamer. With a simple laptop, I could only get small games running with minimal graphics. When I had made a little money, I invested it in a gaming laptop with which I can still play current titles without any problems.

Today I work a lot with Adobe Illustrator and now and then with Photoshop and I'm glad I chose a gaming laptop. This has some advantages in everyday work.

The differences between laptop and gaming laptop

Tech-savvy users usually know the differences between normal laptops and gaming laptops. But there are some that you might not think of at first. In order to better understand how working with both laptop variants differs, I would like to briefly discuss the differences here.

The biggest difference is the hardware. To be able to play current games with good frame rates, you need a good processor, a good graphics card and at least 8 gigabytes of RAM. Since the processor and the graphics card in particular get hot quickly when gaming, they have to be cooled well. This only works with enough space, which is why gaming laptops are usually larger and clunkier than other laptops.

The keyboard also belongs to the hardware. Since it is essential for many video games, many gaming notebooks have a very good keyboard that easily surpasses office keyboards in terms of haptic feedback and typing experience. Some gaming laptops even have a mechanical keyboard built in.

In addition, gaming laptops have a good screen to give you a better gaming experience. This is usually noticeable through a high resolution and a high refresh rate of 144 Hz or even 240 Hz.

Of course, it always depends on the individual case, which hardware, which screen, which keyboard the gaming laptop has. In general, however, these are the biggest differences between the two types of laptop.

Are there any benefits to using a gaming laptop in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop?

Yes, it has. It starts with the hard drive. Many gaming laptops have an SSD hard drive installed instead of an HDD. The difference between the two hard drive types is that an SSD can read and write data faster. This is why programs installed on an SSD hard drive load faster. For example, my laptop has two hard drives: an HDD and an SSD. Here the operating system and important programs that I often use are installed on the SSD. As a result, the laptop boots up faster, runs smoother and frequently used programs load comfortably quickly.

This is a great advantage, especially with Photoshop and Illustrator, as these programs usually take a long time to start.

Both programs also run on older computers. Nevertheless, a strong processor and a lot of RAM help, so that the program can process processes faster itself. Adobe requires at least 8GB RAM for Photoshop and Illustrator; the motto here is: more is better.

In addition, a powerful graphics card is built into every good gaming laptop. This is not absolutely necessary for Illustrator and Photoshop, but both programs allow the graphics card to help with certain processes. A good graphics card is also an advantage.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft's Office programs are far less hardware-hungry than Illustrator or Photoshop. The more powerful hardware of the gaming PC does not have such a big impact here. Of course, an SSD hard drive gives you faster loading times again. Personally, I mainly work with Microsoft Word, where I write things like this article.

If you type a lot with your laptop, a good keyboard is of course an advantage. As already mentioned at the beginning, gaming laptops usually have a good, sometimes also a very good keyboard that is comfortable to type on. Otherwise, office programs only benefit minimally from the better hardware.

Disadvantages of a gaming notebook

Of course, a gaming laptop is not all about advantages. A gaming notebook is not your best friend, especially if you use it a lot. It is usually big and heavy and therefore not really portable. If you play with it, it can get loud. The fans run at full speed during graphically complex games. However, this should not be the case with Office applications or Adobe programs. The fan can report itself, but never runs at full power on me.

Another disadvantage is the high price. If you want full computing power, it can run into the thousands.

Does a gaming laptop make sense for office and creative work?

No. At least not if you only want to use it for office and creative work. In that case, an ultrabook would probably be a better option. These usually have a strong processor, sufficient RAM and are also portable. In addition, ultrabooks are cheaper than high-end gaming notebooks.

If you are a gamer and use the gaming notebook to play and work, the investment is definitely worth it. You can play all your games without any problems and get nice advantages at work.

How to find the right gaming laptop

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