Why is My Little Pony so popular

"Bronys": When men like little toy ponies

27-year-old Vinnie is standing behind a table full of brightly colored fabric ponies. Full beard, gray knitted hat, muscles tense under the light blue T-shirt with printed bangs. “During the week I work as a nuclear engineer, even if it probably doesn't look like it right now,” he says and grins. “But my free time is all about little colorful ponies.” Vinnie and his friend Mike, who is standing next to him at the sales booth, refer to themselves as “Bronys” (also spelled “Bronies”).

The made-up word from "Brother" (brother) and "Pony" stands for men who are enthusiastic about the cartoon adventures around "My Little Pony" (Original: "My Little Pony"). The colorful pony characters and their cartoon adventures are actually aimed at little girls, but more and more adult men are coming out as fans and thus breaking all gender boundaries.

To the “PonyCon” in New York

“It was the first time I saw the show with friends whose little daughter watched it,” says Vinnie, who lives in Chicago. “I was very prejudiced against it, but then, surprisingly, I found it great. It's mostly about friendship, and all ages and genders can identify with it. ”Vinnie says almost all of his friends are now Bronys. “Of course, a few think it's funny that I'm interested in it. Sometimes they tease me about it, but most of the time we just ignore it. "

Vinnie and Mike travel to Brony meetings on many weekends. There they sell fabric ponies, sewn by Mike's friend. The 130 different pony versions cost up to $ 115.

"We only sold a few dozen at the beginning, but there are now so many that it is worth the trip, even if we fly all the way to the west coast," says Mike, who lives in the state of Delaware and works in a costume store during the week . He and his girlfriend wouldn't have as many ponies at home as at the sales stand. "But quite a few - and of course posters."

Vinnie and Mike recently traveled to PonyCon in New York, along with hundreds of other fans. In addition to the booth of the two Bronys, there were dozens more selling jewelry, clothing, posters and art related to the little colorful ponies.

From an internet community to a trend phenomenon