Why are you so damn beautiful

7 signs you're a pretty woman

Can you tell for yourself whether you are beautiful or not? Many top models say: No. How do you know then that you are one of the particularly beautiful? Very easily:

1. You rarely get compliments

Sounds absurd at first, but especially pretty people rarely get compliments for their appearance. Simply because you assume that the other has long known how beautiful he is.

2. Stranger women are initially cool to you

Envy makes you hateful. That's just the way it is ...

3. You are said to be arrogant

So here there are three options: either you are just arrogant, or you are pretty and arrogant, or you are just pretty. In the subconscious, people unfortunately deduce their character from their appearance. No matter how nice you are, your particularly pretty appearance is always associated with arrogance. Fortunately only until they get to know you better ...

4. People are pleasantly surprised when they talk to you

Also common: beautiful people are underestimated. If the people you talk to often remark that you surprised them positively, it could be because you look particularly pretty.

5. You are a kid's magnet

Even children judge trustworthiness from external beauty. Beautiful people are often real children's magnets and are rated as particularly trustworthy, wrote Dr. Fengling Ma from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in Hangzhou and colleagues in Frontiers in Psychology.

6. People are surprised when you tell them about problems

From the inside - from the outside ... as the same. At least that's what many people believe and consider beautiful people to be particularly happy. "How do you have problems?" is a sentence that sounds familiar to you? Maybe it's because you're damn beautiful.

7. You don't give a shit about all of these points

You have understood: What is beautiful is what you look at with love. Once you get started, that's half the battle. Or as the stylist Adriano Dos Anjos Bento puts it:

"If someone asks me how do I become a beauty queen in a very short time - let's say in two hours - then there really is only one answer: Find yourself beautiful! Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself out loud that you are great look and feel comfortable with yourself. Preferably every day. "

The principle behind it: People believe what you think about yourself. Sounds almost too easy ... but that's how it is.