What are some English novels worth reading

The best books in English

Many enjoy reading books in English to improve their English skills and expand their vocabulary. Others are curious to read their favorite authors' own words. In many cases, the excellent knowledge of the translator is insufficient to fully reproduce the linguistic creativity and expressiveness of the original. As a result, the subtleties that result from different regional colors, such as British, American, Irish or Australian dialects, are lost. These are good reasons to pick up a book in English. What is the name of your personal favorite? Here you can vote on your favorites in the English language.

Timeless classics of English-language literature that are well worth reading

  1. Charlotte Brontë

    Jane Eyre

    First publication: June 1st, 1969
    Current issue: 07/09/2018
    Charlotte Brontë‘s immortal masterpiece is one of the world's most popular classics of English literature. In the English-language original version, the formal, polished language of the English landed gentry of bygone times can be enjoyed in a wonderfully authentic way. This makes it possible to delve even deeper into the world of the orphan girl Jane and the demon-plagued Mr. Rochester.