Do you love yourself if so why

Do you love yourself - the world loves you

Do you love yourself ...

Early in the morning after waking up, the daily routine takes us to the bathroom. And what do we see there - our reflection. Exactly this moment can provide information about how much love potential is currently present in our life.

Because the way the first person of the day looks at you, how they perceive you and how they treat you, has essential effects on your state of mind. And this in turn directly influences your expectations, aspirations and actions and, as a result, the course of the day ahead.

And what is this moment like for you?

Does someone appear in your mirror with a scowl who looks at you critically and finally asks: “How do you look today again? “So you will probably leave the house with little dynamism and muddle through the day with a crooked posture. Those who have to take criticism in the morning often lack enthusiasm for self-confidence during the day. The turn also inhibits the urge to communicate and leads to the fact that one likes to reject challenges and prefer to act passively rather than actively when it comes to shaping one's own life.

However, if someone is hiding behind your bathroom mirror who greets you with shining eyes and then expresses their benevolence with a warm smile, then it willI am sure that I look forward to your day ahead. The encouragement of your reflection in the mirror, as well as the resulting loving treatment of yourself lead to one healthy self-esteemand a helping of anticipation for the day ahead. The resulting life-affirming attitude automatically attracts people who increase positive emotions such as enthusiasm, joie de vivre and love in you.

The way in which you meet yourself as the first person of the day is decisive for the love potential in your life. Do you love yourself, love you life!

The domino effect of everyday life confirms this statement:

We cannot always choose our environment and the people who shape our everyday life. Nor can we adapt their behavior according to our wishes. However, we determine our own state of mind, the way in which we treat ourselves or how we see ourselves as the first person of the day. If we start our day with love and joy, we involuntarily express it.

A smile already accompanies us in the morning when we leave the house. We are amazed to find that all the people we meet on the street today look happy and cheerful. When we arrive in the subway, someone offers us a place and at the latest at the delicatessen counter, where the saleswoman is extremely courteous today and even presents us with a cheese tasting, we realize - today there is a very special magic in the air. And because that is fun and provides us with positive energy, we are now continuing this flow by acting extremely kind-hearted and accommodating today. A compliment for the eager saleswoman, words of praise for the colleague and innumerable gestures of friendliness for everyone we encounter during such a day.

On the evening before going to sleep, our verdict is ultimately: "Today was a good day".And who was responsible for it? The encounters of everyday life have made their contribution to our sunny day, but they were not its creator. We ourselves moved the first domino piece in the desired direction at the start of the day through our decision to treat ourselves and others lovingly.

The old indian story of the temple of a thousand mirrors brings the core statement - "do you love yourself, love yourself" - again to the point:

A thousand mirrors

Many years ago there was the Temple of a Thousand Mirrors in India. He was high up on the mountain and the sight of him was enormous. One day a dog climbed the mountain, climbed the steps of the temple, and entered it. When he came into the hall of a thousand mirrors, he saw a thousand dogs. He was startled, growled terribly, and bared his teeth. And the thousand dogs growled terribly and bared their teeth.

Some time later, another dog came into the temple. He too came into the hall with the thousand mirrors and he too saw a thousand other dogs. But he was happy. He wagged his tail, jumped back and forth happily, and asked the dogs to play.

This dog left the temple overjoyed and was convinced that the whole world was made up of nice, friendly dogs who were kind to him.

And what dog are you today?

Whether snappy or happy, I wish you for today - the best possible, all the best, Melanie

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