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4 reasons why buying Facebook fans hurts your business

"1,000 Facebook fans for five euros", "2,000 Twitter followers for 10 euros" or "10,000 Google followers for 20 euros": These offers are all tempting. And anyway, 20 euros is not the world. That's true, but every entrepreneur who uses such services shoots himself in the leg. Why? Because "fake fans and followers" are not even worth a penny.

If the social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and the like don't really pick up speed, frustration quickly arises. The many great posts simply fizzle out without reaching the target group. You have to be able to do something, right? If you simply enter “More fans for Facebook” on Google, you will quickly find out that there are agencies that sell fans and followers. And that's how it works:

  • The buyer takes a specific package.
  • This package includes the purchase of fans and followers for a specific social network.
  • Once the payment has been made, as if by magic, more people flock to their own presences, like and follow whatever they can.

Mission accomplished? Not at all, because: These are absolutely worthless fans - and we explain why these clicks are worthless on the basis of three very simple reasons.

Reason # 1: It's (mostly) not real people who are behind the clicks

What is social media all about? About interacting with people who may be tomorrow's customers, or interactions with existing customers in order to strengthen customer loyalty. Now let's say you buy Facebook fans:

  • Your fan base is growing - a nice thing
  • But what can you really do with these fans?
  • The people who gave a like through this campaign don't really exist. These are fake accounts that the service provider has set up specifically to make the fraud.

Do you really want to pay for fans and followers who actually don't exist? Exactly, neither do we.

Reason # 2: The fans stay inactive after the first click

There is simply no interaction with fake accounts - this also applies to people who were paid to click “Like”, because the click was not made out of interest, but because they paid a few cents for it. That is not real Facebook fan growth. Here, too, the problem remains: there is no interaction.

Reason # 3: Statistics evaluations are absolutely worthless

Assuming your fan base grows from 100 fans to 1,000 fans in a few days - the like numbers look good, of course, the growth rate is 1,000 percent. However, they cannot pat themselves on the back because:

  • All other key figures, which are much more important than the absolute number of fans and followers, are reduced to a minimum.
  • The interaction rate in particular suffers from such purchases, because: Only your real fans are still active. However, since it is difficult to tell who is real and who is “fake”, you can only evaluate the fans as a whole.
  • Since interactions are calculated from the relationship between fans or followers and actions (likes, retweets, comments, shares), these numbers are now in the basement.

And there we have the salad: your statistics are completely useless. Incidentally, this also applies to advertisements without meaningful targeting.

Reason # 4: If it is discovered, you have a problem

One thing in advance: Many social networks prohibit fans and followers from buying - for the reasons mentioned above, among other things. As with building backlinks for websites, naturalness is the be-all and end-all. Since the fan base simply grows unnaturally fast and is often easy to recognize, you could quickly get into big problems:

  • If Facebook and Co. recognize that you have indulged in buying fans and followers, there may be a penalty - in the worst case, your fan page will even be closed and deleted!
  • If your real fans recognize that the majority of the fans have been bought, a churn could also take place here - whoever is “faked” is not a welcome guest, especially in social networks where personalities are at stake.
  • If your competition also knows that you've bought fans, you can be sure of malicious comments. A found food to make you bad.

Buying fans and followers is an absolute no-go in the age of social media - and yet it is still used more often than the world would like. We can only strongly advise against it. You have read why that above. 100 active fans are worth more than 10,000 fake fans - winning real fans is not easy. It takes a lot of patience, know-how and the right social media marketing agency. Then the following grows naturally on social media.


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