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The US healing can begin

Berlin - Usually the inauguration of an American president is an ordination of democracy. The celebration serves to reassure the nation, whose raison d'isontre are known to be a few inalienable rights including life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness - and that, as Thomas Jefferson wrote in the 1776 Declaration of Independence The United States enshrined, the most important political manifesto of modern times, "in order to secure these rights, governments should be established among the people who derive their rightful power from the consent of the governed."

No matter how tough the election campaign was, how tight or clear, surprising or even incomprehensible the result: The peaceful transfer of power to those who have received the approval of the governed is the moment in which the United States of America always turns to itself and also find a way forward.

When Joe Biden is inducted into office as the 46th US President this Wednesday, it will be different. This time, preparations include the mobilization of 20,000 National Guard soldiers. After two weeks earlier, on January 6, a mob of supporters of the elected President Trump stormed and vandalized the Capitol in the hopes of preventing the certification of the election result - and after several Republican MPs actually refused to do just that To do: Since then, unfortunately, one has to reckon with a lot in Washington and elsewhere in the USA, and one is doing so.

It is the legacy of Donald Trump, who to this day does not recognize Joe Biden as election winner and future president - who, despite seven million fewer votes, simply claims that he himself has won and tells his supporters "their vote, their choice, their country." “Had been robbed. He has berated courts, including the Colonel, for dismissing his complaints; he has tried to corrupt election officers and state governors; He put his own Vice President Mike Pence in danger by spreading the lie that he could, in his ceremonial role as Senate President, refuse certification of the election and instead hand over the presidency to him, Trump, for another four years. Pence, certainly not a philanthropist, but a politician with a bit of self-respect, rejected this. “Hang Pence!” Was one of the mob's battle cries on January 6th. According to the FBI, it was meant absolutely seriously.

All of this is unique in American history - even in the aftermath of the civil war, when the country was even more divided than it is now, the “peaceful transition of power” remained sacred. Republican Lincoln elected Democrat Johnson as vice president in 1864 to reconcile the nation. And when the outcome was disputed in 1876 because blacks had been aggressively hindered from exercising their right to vote in some states, Rutherford Hayes, who was certified in the end, undertook to serve only for one term - and then to the glorious Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant To make room.

Even then, American democracy had admirable self-cleaning powers. She still does. The mere fact that Trump was voted out of office after only one term gives hope: In 100 years this has happened to only three US presidents: Warren G. Harding, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

And to Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and other supporters of Trump, who when in doubt deny the country, voters and even themselves because they believe that they cannot do without Trump's supporters, this goes: Trump is a historic loser! As the first president since Herbert Hoover in 1932, he managed to gamble away not only the presidency but also the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate in just one term. Incidentally, since the storming of the Capitol, his approval ratings have fallen even further, to barely 30 percent, which is the worst figure for an outgoing president since opinion polls began.

Therefore one should definitely take a number of thousands of radical Trumpists seriously - one should also hold Trump accountable as their instigator - but not overestimate: Donald Trump is ticked off by the majority of Americans as a historical misunderstanding, the man is political, moral and also otherwise done in every way.

"If any form of government proves harmful, it is the right of the people to change it or abolish it and establish a new government," Thomas Jefferson wrote. That's how it happened. Joe Biden is allowed to take office with dignity.