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How fat can be turned into sugar

If the human body receives an oversupply of glucose, it metabolizes it into fat, which the body uses as an energy reserve. Converting fatty acids back into glucose in the same way as when converting sugar into fatty acids is not possible, as some reactions can only proceed from sugar to fat for energetic reasons. "This has been considered biochemical textbook knowledge for around 50 years," explains Prof. Dr. Stefan Schuster, who carried out research work together with junior professor Christop Kaleta and his team and is now shaking up the supposed paradigm. With the help of the computer simulation, they were able to show that there are, at least in principle, several very intricate ways in which people can convert fat into sugar. Acetone plays a key role in this. "It is well known that people smell of acetone if they have not eaten for a while," explains Kaleta. "Until now, most researchers believed that the volatile acetone was exhaled and excreted in the urine. The results of our computer simulations, however, indicate that some of it can be converted, albeit slowly, into sugar." The knowledge is now to be verified experimentally. "In the event of a positive confirmation, this will interest sports scientists - for example with regard to optimal nutrition in marathons - as well as diabetes and many other researchers and will also be important for the development of optimal diets," Kaleta expects.

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Source: Kaleta, C. et al .: PloS Comp. Biol. 2911; 7 (7): e1002116

DAZ 2011, No. 31, p. 8