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It can take years to develop a successful brand, but you can come up with a creative brand name in seconds. Shopify's brand name generator gives you the ability to find a name for your brand, secure the associated domain name, and start your own business - all with just a few clicks.

How do I find a name for my business?

It is not that easy to find a suitable name for a newly founded company. Since every potential name has advantages and disadvantages, it can happen that at some point you get stuck with all the analysis. Sometimes an idea for a new company name clicks right away. But often this is not the case.

If you need help finding the right name for your small business, you've come to the right place. Shopify's brand name generator creates a list of potential names in seconds. But how do you choose the right name for your business? It depends on your brand.

Your name is the first thing customers will recognize about your brand. You can strengthen brand loyalty with the best products, perfect service and appealing marketing, but all of this is not enough if your customers don't remember your name.

If your company name sticks in customers' minds, it has a huge impact on how they perceive your business. Every phase in the marketing funnel - from acquiring new customers to winning back loyal customers - is closely related to how high the recognition value of your name is among your potential customers.

When deciding on a name from the list of the company name generator, you should take enough time to think about it. That doesn't mean you should spend hours puzzling over the pros and cons of each option. Because at some point you have to finally decide so that you can continue working on your own business. But before you just pick any name, be sure to check the suggested names for branding potential.

Our company name generator gives you tons of options for potential brand names and domains. However, the decision on which name is best for your brand is yours. It is not always easy to see what makes a particularly good name. But when looking for a name for your business, here are a few points to look out for:

Clarity: A simple, clear and direct name is easier to remember and has a higher recognition value. If customers don't understand your brand at first glance, they won't remember it later. Good brand names don't need a lot of explanation.

Our name generator for online shops was specially designed to display simple and effective suggestions. When using the store name generator, you will be asked to describe your brand in one word. Is your brand playful or serious?

Branding: Your name forms the basis for all the decisions you will later make for the development of your brand. You can change your logo, your slogan and your value proposition later. However, changing your company name comes with some risks and weakens your online brand's position.

While the name should be unique, it is also important that it be flexible about future company decisions. Names that relate to a current topic or specific product can be a disadvantage later on. So think about whether your name ideas also take into account your company's growth potential and the potential for business expansion into related industries.

Uniqueness: Customers won't remember your brand name if it sounds like everyone else. In order for a brand name to be memorable, it needs to stand out from your competition - and you need a cool, unique brand name to do that. If the name of a start-up catches a customer's eye, they'll remember it later.

Availability: Last but not least, make sure your brand name isn't already taken. Regardless of the legal aspects, it can be confusing for your customers if there is a risk of mistaking your name for another brand (or something completely different). You are also putting your online reputation at risk.

This also applies to your domain name. Your domain name should be as memorable as your name and should also match your brand. When you have decided on a name, secure an associated available domain as soon as possible.

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