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Upgrade training Solid Edge 2021

1 day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Solid Edge user knowledge up to version 2020, experience in construction or with technical drawing. You need a PC with internet connection (minimum 6 Mbit download / 1 Mbit upload) for the image transfer. We use a conference call system for audio transmission. The telephone number and password will be sent to you one day before the start of the training, along with your TeamViewer access data. TeamViewer must have been approved by your IT in your company. A headset for your phone is recommended. In addition, an executable version of the corresponding CAD software must be installed on your PC.
Mediation of the new functions in Solid Edge 2021 in order to be able to use them in everyday work.

The new Solid Edge version 2021 is available. In our upgrade training we will prepare you for handling the new functions and possibilities that Solid Edge 2021 offers you. Solid Edge 2021 from Siemens PLM Software combines industry-leading parts and assembly modeling tools with cloud capabilities. This is how you can optimize your product development. Solid Edge frees you from the limitations of classic CAD systems. Combined with the best data migration tools in the industry, Solid Edge is the first choice for design tasks. You are free to decide how to deploy, license and maintain the software, and you can choose how and where to store your data. This makes designing even the most complex products easier and more cost effective than ever. Solid Edge 2021 contains integrated data management functionalities that meet the requirements of smaller companies so that they can smoothly provide and manage rapidly growing amounts of construction data. The new data management functions are provided quickly and easily. For example, Solid Edge users can easily add indexes to the file folders where they currently store their Solid Edge files. Within a few minutes, users benefit from faster searches, new release management tools and file sharing in the cloud.

  • General innovations:
    - Improved user interface
    - Compare individual parts and assemblies
  • Single part construction:
    - sketch samples
    - Creation of physical threads
    - Intersection of surfaces and bodies
  • Sheet metal construction:
    - Creation of real individual bends
    - Thickening notch to prevent material jamming
  • 3D printing:
    - Delete cavities
    - Realign the net body
    - Wall thickness analysis
  • Assembly construction:
    - Performance mode
    - Component search
  • Reverse engineering:
    - Reconnect and repair the mesh body
    - Improved automatic area detection
    - Align the mesh body to the coordinate system
    - Create sectional sketches
  • Solid Edge Portal:
    - Cloud-based collaboration in projects
    - New measurement functions and markups
    - Viewing of foreign formats