How big should a master bathroom be

Planning principles for small to large bathrooms

Germans spend an average of 33 minutes in the bathroom every day - that's what the Ipsos Institute found out on behalf of Nivea. The women need on average more than ten minutes longer than the men surveyed. It is also a fact that people want a more homely bathroom - no matter how big it is. The bathroom furnishings should be space-saving and matched to the size and layout of the bathroom. Because a third of all bathrooms in Germany are smaller than six square meters - that is not a lot and restricts the freedom of design when renovating. The average size of a German bathroom with 7.80 square meters also shows that there is not much space available for personal hygiene and relaxation in this country. Small bathrooms are between three and six square meters in size, medium-sized bathrooms are between six and ten square meters. From ten square meters, one speaks of a large bathroom.

Small bathrooms up to six square meters

The third of bathroom owners who own a very small bathroom still have a wealth of options for making sensible use of the available space in the mini-bathroom. Wall-hung bathroom furniture, for example, makes the room look bigger because nothing obstructs the floor. Mobile pedestals are also suitable for small bathrooms because they can be moved and are flexible. In a small bathroom, it is important to make the most of every available centimeter without overloading the room with bathroom furniture and accessories.

Bathtub or shower?

An important decision is the choice between a shower or a bathtub. Six square meters or less is not enough for both. If you still want both, a bathtub with a level shower surface can be installed, for which there is a wide range of options. There is also a large selection of smaller compact shapes of bathroom furniture and ceramic objects - they are less expansive and integrate better into the small bathroom.

Wall and floor materials

Mirror cabinets not only offer important storage space for cosmetics and hygiene items, they also make the small space appear larger thanks to the mirror surfaces. Special designs can also be integrated into the pre-wall installation so that they are flush with the wall surface and no longer protrude into the room. Large tiles visually enlarge the room - grid dimensions from 30 x 30 centimeters are suitable. This also saves joints. Choose light colors for tiles and ceramics, they visually expand small rooms and make them appear friendlier.

In the area of ​​six to ten square meters, the pool builder speaks of medium-sized bathrooms. They offer more design freedom and are probably the most common bathroom type. Both the bathtub and the shower can be found in medium-sized bathrooms. An alternative to the shower tray can be a floor-level shower with a shower channel as a drain. The floor-level shower enables a uniform tile pattern across the entire floor.

More space in the bathroom also means more options for storage space: For example, towels can be stored in the bathroom, because undercounter furniture for the washbasin and cupboards create order. But a washing machine or dryer can also be accommodated in the bathroom if there is additional space. For this purpose, pool builders offer special furniture in which the washing machine can be accommodated inconspicuously.

Bathrooms with more than ten square meters

Large bathrooms open up further possibilities: the combination of bathroom and wellness area is particularly popular. A whirlpool, sauna, steam bath or shower area with side jets and a large rain shower could be considered. The pool manufacturer also installs the necessary equipment for color and aromatherapy. The use of high-quality materials and bathroom furniture usually arises automatically in this room size.

Divide space into different areas

As simple as the bathroom design of larger rooms may seem at first, the devil is in the detail. In order to avoid unused areas in the middle of the bathroom, it is advisable to divide the room into different areas and to use free-standing bathroom furniture - this gives the bathroom a structure and makes it appear more homely. The addition of an additional wall divides the room and provides privacy. In a large bathroom, the toilet should at least be separated by a partition. Perhaps a small room with its own door can also be separated from the hallway. This means that the bathroom can be used even when the toilet is occupied.

Free-standing objects as eye-catchers

Large bathrooms can be equipped with both a large bathtub and a large, floor-level shower area - there is enough space. Free-standing furniture and sanitary objects such as bathtubs or showers placed in the middle of large bathrooms solve the problem of unused space in the middle of the room and are also a real eye-catcher.

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