What happened to the Seahawks this season

Between Divisional Round (Panthers) and Offseason

Hello dear Seahawks fans to a new edition of 2x12 = 24. Today there is the German Sea Hawkers podcast episode, which we would really like to have recorded in mid-February. The Seattle Seahawks are eliminated, the playoffs and thus the season are over. We will of course talk about that today. Unfortunately, there is no longer a preview of the next round, so we're giving you a little preview of what's coming up in the coming weeks and months. And then, as always, there is information from the fan club.

Show notes

  • greeting [00:00:00]
  • Film Room - Your feedback, your questions[00:01:37]
  • Seahawks News [00:02:16]
    • Pro Bowl 2016
    • Acknowledgments from the Seahawks to all Sea Hawkers Chapters
  • Tell The Truth Monday - The Review[00:04:41]
    • We're kind of trying to understand what happened in those two crazy halves
  • Competition Wednesday - The topic of the week [00:22:13]
    • We actually want to end the season with positive thoughts, because even if the end was tragic, the team has actually achieved great things again. So Max and Jörn think about what their highlight of the season was
    • Thanks For Asking - The question of the week [00:28:36]
      • Despite a disappointing end, we have another strong season in the Seattle Seahawks be able to experience many great moments. What or who was the highlight for you this season?
  • No Repeat Friday - The preview [00:33:58]
    • Since we unfortunately have our last game of the season, we are looking a little ahead of what is coming up in the offseason, such as contract extensions etc.
  • Fan Club News [00:52:25]
  • Two-Minute Warning - What else we wanted to say [00:59:45]
  • adoption

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