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Cooperation with startups

We support the innovation management of your company and the development of new technologies, products and business models through matchmaking and targeted cooperation with startups. Choose from various formats and measures, which you can also combine well with each other:

Startup Experience Day

Explore the startup world in the Düsseldorf / Rhineland region with us in one day and collect new impulses and ideas for your own company.

Get to know at least three startups that are relevant to your company and discuss the future of your industry with the teams. Explore co-working spaces, prototyping labs & startup hotspots and experience startup culture & entrepreneurial spirit on your doorstep.

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Corporate startup challenge

Present selected startups current challenges from your company and pave the way for completely new solutions.

From changing business models to dissolved value chains and new delivery and production processes to technological leaps and radical product innovations. Let the startups work for you on creative solutions for your individual challenges for a whole day. New impulses for your company, new business opportunities for our startups - a win-win for you and our startups.

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Corporate startup bootcamp

Get your innovation teams out of their usual environment for a whole week and let them work together with selected startup teams in a creative co-working space.

Put your ongoing innovation projects to the critical test and think about it differently and afresh for a week, with fresh input from the external startup teams: What is the exact business model behind the innovation project, how can the fit of business model and project concept be improved become? What can a minimal viable product look like? How do potential customers react to this? Which iterations have to be run through for further improvement? How can market entry and growth paths be designed? With the right startup methods, you can get your innovation projects on track.

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Corporate startup accelerator

Build up your own 3-6 month startup program, both with internal and external startup teams, and use it to develop a future-oriented innovation portfolio for your company.

Define strategic goals and the topic, write out the participation and select the best internal and external teams for your program from all applicants. All teams start with an onboarding week, after which they go to a co-working space for 3-6 months to establish a permanent project team, refine the business and product concept, develop and test the first mock-ups and prototypes, marketing and sales, to acquire the first test users and, if successful, to prepare the establishment of a new business unit, subsidiary or spin-off. We look after you from the conception & planning to the daily program work, in close cooperation with employees of your company or, if you wish, completely outsourced to us.

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Startup scouting & matching

You give us the industry, technology or another search field, we scout for you worldwide for suitable startups and analyze the technology, products and market position.

You decide which startups are interesting for your company, we check existing investments / shareholders, customer relationships and cooperations. With our support, you analyze and decide whether and what type of partnership you want to strive for with the pre-selected startups. We organize the approach, appointments and workshops with the desired startups and then evaluate together with you whether and how you want to proceed - from the cooperation to the investment or purchase request to the selected startups.

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Startup Collaboration Strategy

In close cooperation with you, we analyze which strategy and innovation goals your company is pursuing and which forms of cooperation with startups can support these goals and to what extent.

Building on this, we work with you to develop a graduated, individual program for cooperation with startups and test the defined individual measures in advance in interviews and surveys with potential partner startups. From the knowledge gained, the individual measures and the entire program are further refined and planned and prepared in detail for implementation.

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Startup event screening and attendance planning

Every day countless large and small startup events take place nationwide, from pitch competitions to specialist conferences to hackathons - your chance to get to know new market and technology trends, business ideas and founding personalities and to present your company as a partner for startups.

But which event is right for you and your company? Where do you meet the startups that are relevant to you? What options do you have to present yourself as a partner and to talk to exciting startups?

We will sound out the nationwide events of the next few months for you and select the events that suit your corporate goals. With specific recommendations on how you can best get involved and get the maximum benefit from your participation.

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Support and coaching of your partner startups

Have you entered into an initial partnership or have you already entered into a permanent partnership with a selected startup? Are you still not sure how to deal with the team, the new culture and the uncertainty of working together? Do you see a need for support and coaching at “your” startup in order to develop a reliable partner for your company?

Then use our startup expertise and experience to support and coach "your" startup. We start with the initial consultation on business model & product design, milestone, financial and market entry planning and ensure successful support for the start-up with ongoing mentoring and targeted coaching sessions on individual needs (product development, marketing & sales, investor search, law / IT / Tax etc.).

In addition, we support mediation to clarify the regulation of the property rights to new ideas, technologies, procedures from the cooperation between your company and "your" startup.

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Innovation Idea Slams

Present yourself to your customers and partners as a "thought leader and innovation driver" on new trends and ideas in your industry. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and get new impulses for your own business.

An Innovation Idea Slam is about the free, unfiltered and first of all evaluation-free short presentation of ideas and observations of all kinds for a certain industry or a certain technology sector, e.g. LegalTech or InsureTech. These can already be new product and business concepts, but also just as well problems-without-solutions, good / bad personal customer experiences, trend observations on the market / with providers / with customers, expert statements on market / technology developments, etc. - Simply everything, which could possibly hide a promising innovation approach. After each slam contribution, there is a short Q&A session and then, as in a poetry slam, the audience decides which presentation was the most entertaining and innovative.

The best presentations or ideas and suggestions are then discussed, deepened and shaped in groups - right up to a specific project idea for your company and possible project partners. By inviting the right startups - not only with the appropriate industry focus but also with relevant enabling technologies & services - a high-quality idea output is guaranteed.

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