Why are artists so important

Understand the diversity of the world through art

Ms. Albrecht, how did you come to “culture makes you strong”?

Among other things, I give art courses at the Hamburg Adult Education Center. In 2013, through the Junge Volkshochschule, I came to “talentCAMPus”, a low-threshold holiday education program run by the German Adult Education Association as part of “Kultur macht stark”, where I was involved in several projects. Since last year I have been running holiday programs for ten to twelve year olds for the nationwide project “We Can Art”, which the Federal Association of Visual Artists is also promoting in Hamburg.

How does your work as an artist flow into the projects?

I am concerned with the question: what actually is a picture? I studied painting and architecture and work both two and multi-dimensional. I use classic media such as paper, paint and charcoal, but also building materials. Basically I build pictures. I would also like to pass on this idea of ​​multidimensionality, i.e. the possibility of linking different worlds, to the children: I give them a space in which they can have a variety of sensual and aesthetic experiences.

Would you also like to convey an understanding of art or artistic skills?

It's not about teaching the kids how to draw animals or people. That happens more by the way. I also don't give lectures on art. But I present various artistic works that serve as inspiration for the children. You can also pick up art and drawing books and work with them. It is important to me that the children become active themselves. The artistic work enables special learning experiences, because we not only learn with our heads, the atmosphere and the environment must also be right.

How does such a creative-artistic process work?

At the beginning each child starts to fantasize for himself and draws what concerns him or her. In the course of time I try to weave the individual stories into a collective work. This year, for example, we painted the story of a spider on a large scroll painting under the title “Outrageous and Unheard-of”. In a music studio, the children were also able to create notes for the story. The children bring themselves with them, so to speak, and fill the space that I specify. You are still very enthusiastic and inquisitive, that's a great engine.

Why is creative work so important for young people?

They are valued by working with artistic means such as charcoal or paint. The sensual experience of painting and drawing is also important. In the age of smartphones, manual work and dexterity are often neglected. But the fascination for traditional materials and techniques is definitely there: the children join in, come back and voluntarily put away the cell phone. In the project you will get a taste of a whole new world. Of course, it helps that you can completely immerse yourself in this cosmos for several days without the usual authorities at your side.

Can these experiences also have an effect beyond the project?

If the children have good experiences while trying them out through play, they can develop a positive relationship with art in the long term. I received feedback from parents that their children “shone” or “shone” after the week. It's a bit like you've gone on a trip. It's wonderful when that happens. Only when children have access to different worlds can they choose and consciously decide for or against something. Breaking open the one-dimensionality in the world and giving the children the ability to participate and help shape - this experience is an important opportunity for artistic work.

Under the title “We Can Art”, the Federal Association of Visual Artists, as a program partner, supports nationwide extracurricular activities that give children and young people access to art and creative design. The projects are implemented in alliances and carried out by professional artists.
You can find more information about the program partner here.