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What makes men really attractive

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That is what women find beautiful in men!

There are many different opinions on the subject of “When is a man beautiful?”. We took a closer look at what makes men attractive.

One thing is certain: every woman thinks differently. (Even if psychologists say they know what women want.) For some, super-stylish men with washboard abs and shaved chests are a must, while others like the “lumberjack” type with messy hair and a small raccoon belly. And tastes are also different when it comes to body size, hair and eye color. Opinions are divided even when it comes to the question of “full male hair” vs. “bald head”.

What makes men attractive? Evolution means that:

In a study carried out in 2019, American scientists found that body proportions do play a role when it comes to the attractiveness of men. The length of the legs is decisive: “Most of the desires aroused digital men with legs that are only slightly longer than the average.” Aha!

And an Australian research team showed in 2017 that men with a strong upper body are particularly attractive: “70% of strong bodies were also perceived as attractive.” Both are physical characteristics that indicate good health and strength in a man. From an evolutionary point of view it is therefore only logical that women rate these characteristics as particularly positive and attractive.

But from a woman's point of view, these 5 things are important:

But now all beautiful physical attributes aside! Women are far less superficial than men think. Above all, it is important to women that the man is well-groomed. Cut and clean fingernails and toenails, a well-groomed beard and a pleasant body odor: these basics should really be fulfilled by every man. Because dirt under your fingernails, an unpleasant smell of sweat and a matted beard are absolute no-gos these days.

But the inner values ​​of a man are even more important. Because what really counts in the end and makes men particularly attractive is inner beauty. Thus, these inner values ​​are on our wish list for an attractive man:

  1. Loyalty.

    After all, no woman wants to worry about being cheated on by her partner.

  2. Reliability.

    Wait half an hour for a date in the restaurant? Or not being called back for days? No thanks!

  3. Dear to children and animals.

    If the man is well received by children and animals, women usually melt away.

  4. Good listener.

    Just nodding and not really listening is not an option.

  5. Sense of humor.

    Last but not least: men who make women laugh have almost won. Because who wants a fun-free bore by their side?