What are the greatest gay novels



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Audre Lorde: Sister Outsider. Essays

Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich 2021
ISBN 9783446269712, hardcover, 256 pages, 20.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Eva Bonné and Marion Kraft. Collaboration: Nikita Dhawan. Audre Lorde is the revolutionary thinker and icon of black feminismAudre Lorde knew what it ...

Ahmad Danny Ramadan: The clothesline swing. novel

Orlanda Verlag, Berlin 2021
ISBN 9783944666747, paperback, 288 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Heide Horn and Christa Prummer-Lehmair. This novel leads through the lives of two homosexual Syrian men who get to know each other in war-torn Syria ...

Julius Thesing: You don't look gay

bohem press, Affoltern am Albis 2020
ISBN 9783959390941, paperback, 96 pages, 14.95 EUR
[…] With 96 colored illustrations. "Which of you two is the woman?" or "I don't mean you by that!" - With a smile, many will find themselves leafing through and reading this ...

Eva Roman: Pax. novel

Klaus Wagenbach Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783803133274, hardcover, 240 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] Pax grew up in a small town. He has no memories of his parents or big brother, they have not returned from a trip to Africa. Aunt Beatrix, strangely old boy ...

Andy Warhol: Love, Sex, and Desire. Drawings 1950-1962

Taschen Verlag, Cologne 2020
ISBN 9783836574471, hardcover, 392 pages, 75.00 EUR
[…] Edited by Blake Gopnik, Michael Dayton, and Drew Zeiba. Long before his rise to the top of Pop Art, Andy Warhol created a series of seductive drawings to celebrate ...

Rachilde: Monsieur Vénus. Materialistic novel

Reclam Verlag, Stuttgart 2020
ISBN 9783150112878, hardcover, 218 pages, 18.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the French by Alexandra Beilharz and Anne Maya Schneider. Afterword by Martine Reid. Raoule de Vénérande is a wealthy young woman from the old Parisian aristocracy. You in love ...

Helen Weinzweig: From hand to hand. novel

Klaus Wagenbach Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783803133281, hardcover, 160 pages, 20.00 EUR
[…] From the Canadian English by Hans-Christian Oeser. Much about this wedding is unusual. The bride and groom wear the same haircut and suit. The groom is gay who ...

Mario Cruz: The prince. novel

Albino Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783863002947, paperback, 128 pages, 18.00 EUR
[…] From the Chilean Spanish by JJ Schlegel. With an afterword by Florian Borchmeyer. Chile, early seventies. At the end of a night of partying, young Jaime stabs to death ...

Saul Friedländer: Read Proust. An essay

C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich 2020
ISBN 9783406755118, hardcover, 208 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] but an essay on reading Proust. In it, he traces some questions that have particularly preoccupied him, such as the contradicting role of the Jews or the way they interact with ...

Khaled Alesmael: Selamlik. novel

Albino Verlag, Berlin 2020
ISBN 9783863003029, hardcover, 256 pages, 24.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the Arabic by Christine Battermann and Joachim Bartholomae. Furat grew up as one of six siblings in a middle-class family in Syria. The death of ...

Saskia de Coster: A real mother. novel

Tropen Verlag, Stuttgart 2020
ISBN 9783608504545, hardcover, 348 pages, 24.00 EUR
[…] From the Dutch by Isabel Hessel. What makes you a mother? Especially if you didn't give birth to your child yourself? When Saskia and her friend July ...