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Translation of "my roommate" in English

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I have my roommate strangled in sleep today.
I want you my roommate and introduce our chef Felix Ungar.
Girls, I'd like you to meet my roommate and our chef, Mr Felix Ungar.
I believe, my roommate do you already know
I got these feelings ... for my roommate.
Or no, I just will my roommate ask.
Here were cotton swabs with wig glue on my roommate glued.
Forgive me for trying my roommate to get to know.
Forgive me for trying to connect a little with my roommate.
Do you remember my roommate Will Olsen?
You're the nasty doctor who my roommate mistreated?
I met at the door my roommate for the next 21 days and the first question was why I was there. - Multiple sclerosis. - Since this my brother-in-law died.
At the door I met my roommate for the next 21 day and the first question was why I was there. - Multiple sclerosis. - Since this is my brother in law died.
I'm going on here my roommate waiting.
You remind me of my roommate in college, snout.
I'm going my roommate miss who is kind and considerate.
I have my roommate found in the Internet.
I have to my roommate Call and tell him it wasn't Godzilla after all.
I have to call my roommates and tell them it wasn't Godzilla.
I have my roommate persuaded to sink the arrow before I picked up the bow.
I talked my bunkmate into sinking the arrows before I even picked up the bow.
You know, I don't think I have it in me my roommateto shoot my mom and my girlfriend all in one evening.
I don't think I've got it in me to shoot my flatmate, my mum and my girlfriend all in the same evening.
My roommate Nobody liked it very much in the 2nd year of study.
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