Jesus heard music

Music in the Bible

Although music was not played all the time and everywhere, there was a kind of light music. Martin Peilstöcker explains: "We know from musicians' figures and pictures that the reed flute, lyre and a percussion instrument, for example a hand drum, were often played together." For dancing, people also set the rhythm with cymbals. How the melodies sounded, however, can no longer be said. Sven Lichtenecker, museum supervisor in the Bibelhaus Erlebnismuseum and lecturer at the Goethe University for religious studies, also recalls David: “The Bible tells of David who played the lyre, a harp-like instrument, and not during the liturgy - clearly music for entertainment. “At least as well known as King David are the trumpets of Jericho. One knows relatively certain that the event did not take place. "From history one can conclude, however, that instruments were also used in war to intimidate opponents with the volume - although that could be called noise," both laugh.

Liturgical music

The shofar is the traditional Jewish instrument. It is made from a ram's horn with a hole drilled at the pointed end so that you can blow into it. Sven Lichtenecker can play the shofar: “You can't really play melodies. The shofar is more suitable for giving signals. This is exactly what it was and is used for. "Martin Peilstöcker adds:" In the Jewish liturgy it is used, for example, to announce beginnings and ends. "The shofar was used both in the Jerusalem temple and in the small communities. Martin Peilstöcker thinks it is possible that even Jesus blew the shofar. “Customs from the Egyptian area have gradually found their way into the temple. This is how the trumpet came into the temple. It was blown at a certain point on a corner tower of the temple over Jerusalem to announce holidays and prayers, ”reports Peilstöcker. The trumpet was, however, with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. disappeared.

By Konrad Waßmann

This is how music could have sounded 2000 years ago (2:34 minutes - as mp3)