What are the best hostels in Edinburgh

Hostels in Edinburgh

If you enjoy exploring the hidden paths of a centuries-old city or strolling through winding, cobbled streets with surprising glances waiting for you at the corners, then you should pay a visit to Edinburgh.

The city will reward you with numerous new discoveries. You will be tempted to hike a little further. As the day draws to a close, you need a place to rest and recharge. A hostel is an inexpensive and friendly place to stay during your city break.

Why should I stay in a hostel?

The question should rather be: why not? Staying in a hostel means staying in affordable accommodation close to the city center without sacrificing comfort. So save your cents for even more adventure in the capital. Make new friends, get tips from fellow travelers, and get a great night's sleep - a real bargain!

What types of hostels are there in Edinburgh?

  • Hostels with private rooms in the center of the historic Royal Mile.
  • Backpacker hostels with large shared bedrooms - perfect for you and your friends.
  • Modern hostels with little amenities, including in-room wet rooms, WiFi, and common areas to relax in.