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Krillin, in the original Kuririn called, is a student of the "Lord of the Turtles", Muten Roshi. Initially a competitor of Son Goku in the favor of the master, who eventually trained the two together, this becomes his best friend. He later lives with Cyborg 18 and has a daughter Marron with her.

Kuririn's story

Before his time with Muten Roshi, Kuririn trained in a monastery, where he is always annoyed and ridiculed by the other monks.

Training with the Lord of the Turtles

Kuririn appears in a rowboat for the first time in the manga. He wants to impress Muten Roshi and takes a huge jump, totally screwing up the landing and getting stuck headfirst in the sand. Muten Roshi at first refuses to accept Kuririn as his disciple. However, when the latter offers him a porno booklet, Muten Roshi agrees.

Kuririn and Son Goku's first task is to bring a pretty girl to the master of the turtles. Son Goku has already screwed up this task twice by bringing Muten Roshi first a fat woman and then a mermaid. With Kuririn's help, he finally succeeds in completing the task successfully. The two took off with Son Goku's Kintoun. Since the cloud does not carry Kuririn, he has to cling to Son Goku. He is deeply impressed by Kuririn's ability to tell a girl from a boy from a distance. Kuririn is treated as the strongest normal inhabitant of the earth in Dragon Ball Z, so he is also stronger than Yamcha and Tenshinhan.

Then the training begins with the master of the turtles. While Son Goku bravely dares to tackle any task, Kuririn always finds it unsolvable.

Kuririn tries very hard, but always lags behind Son Goku. However, he does not allow himself to be discouraged, but sees it as an incentive to work even more on himself and to constantly improve. A strong friendship develops between him and Son Goku that runs through the entire story.

The 21st big tournament

After Kuririn and Son Goku have completed training with the Lord of the Turtles, the two compete in the 21st Great Martial Arts Tournament. They quickly discover that they are much stronger compared to the other participants. Kuririn also meets some representatives of his old monastery and wins with just one kick. You qualify for the finals without any problems. There Kuririn meets Muten Roshi disguised as Jacky Chun and loses the fight. Nevertheless, both Kuririn and Son Goku, who was defeated by Jacky Chun in the final, made a big impression on the master of the turtles.

After the tournament

While Son Goku is looking for his grandfather Son Gohan's Dragon Ball, Kuririn stays with the Lord of the Turtles (because of the booklet).

He continued to train diligently at Yamcha’s side. The two delivered milk with 100 kg of turtle shell. Both of them really wanted to win the tournament.

Finding the Dragon Balls / Red Ribbon Army

His next appearance is when Son Goku and Bulma come to the island of the Lord of the Turtles. There must be a Dragon Ball nearby and Kuririn decides to help Son Goku and Bulma in their search. The three meet the Red Ribon Army. Finally there is a fight between Kuririn and General Blue. Kuririn loses this fight as he is paralyzed by General Blue's gaze. Only Son Goku can defeat General Blue.

At Uranai Baba

Here Kuririn fights against Dracula. He loses the fight because the vampire comes into his head, sucking out too much blood. However, Kuririn continues to show his brains when Yamcha has to compete against "the invisible one". He places Muten Roshi in front of the ring, aligns it and then places Bulma directly in front of him. Then he tears Bulma down her top, whereupon a huge fountain of blood spurts out of Muten Roshi's nose and hits "the invisible one". Now Yamcha can easily win the fight. Kuririn is reprimanded equally by Bulma and Muten Roshi, by Bulma, who was ashamed, and by Muten Roshi for losing so much blood. However, Muten secretly praises Roshi Kuririn for his action.

The 22nd big tournament

After the adventure with Uranai Baba, Kuririn, Yamcha and Son Goku go on a training trip to prepare for the 22nd Great Martial Arts Tournament. This trip takes three years. At the big tournament, the three students of the Lord of the Turtles meet Tenshinhan and Chao Zu, the students of the Lord of the Cranes, for the first time. Everyone easily qualifies for the finals.

Kuririn defeated Chao Zu in the finals. In this fight he uses the Kamehame Ha for the first time. Then he meets Son Goku. The two have a tough fight. Kuririn loses to Son Goku, but he's not sad about that. Following this tournament, Kuririn is killed by Tambourine, a demon created by the devil Piccolo.

The resurrection

Kuririn is brought back to life with Muten Roshi after Son Goku's victory over the devil Piccolo.

The 23rd big tournament

At the 23rd big tournament, Kuririn meets Piccolo in the first round. He does well at first, but then has to give up the fight because the difference in strength between the two is simply too great. Here, too, Kuririn's cleverness is evident.

The fight against nappa

When the Saiyan Vegeta and Nappa came to earth, they faced Kuririn, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Tenshinhan, Chao Zu and Yamcha. Kuririn, Tenshinhan and Chao Zu and Yamcha had finished their training with God at this point. The Sayajins first used the Saibaiman against their rivals. Yamcha prevented Kuririn from competing against any of them as Kuririn cannot be brought back to life with the Dragon Balls. In the ensuing fight, Yamcha dies from an attack by one of the Saibaiman. Kuririn blamed himself heavily and used his strongest technique, doing the rest of the saibaiman.

In the fight against Nappa, however, he could not score. Nobody succeeded, not even when everyone was fighting Nappa together. Nevertheless, they sapped enough time to enable Son Goku to return from the hereafter to earth. Kuririn and Son Gohan were initially only onlookers in the fight between Son Goku and Nappa and Vegeta.

The fight against Vegeta

Kuririn and Gohan got involved in the fight against Vegeta when he turned into an Ozaru. Unfortunately, her plan to cut off Vegeta's cock with a kienzan went wrong because Vegeta had noticed it long ago. When Kuririn received the Genkidama from the seriously injured Son Goku, he was about to fire it at Vegeta when Yajirobi felt compelled to urge Kuririn to hurry. Because of that he missed Vegeta at first, but Son Gohan let the Genkidama ricochet off and she still found her target. A short time later, Kuririn succeeded in getting Son Gohan, who had been transformed into an Ozaru, not to run amok as usual, but instead to concentrate his savage attacks on Vegeta. When he was completely exhausted after the long fight, Kuririn took Yajirobi's sword and wanted to kill him. However, Goku asked him to spare him, which Kuririn did not understand, but did so in the hope that Goku would know what he was doing.

On Namek

Kuririn was part of the team of three (Kuririn, Son Gohan and Bulma) who flew with God's spaceship to Namek to bring their friends back to life with the Dragon Balls there. On Namek they met Freezer and his followers. There the group met Dende, the later god of the earth. They save Dende from Freezer's followers, with Kuririn successfully using a Taiyōken against Dodoria. As a result, they were able to flee from him.

Dende took Kuririn to the Chief Elder of Namek, who awakened Kuririn's hidden powers. This made him many times stronger. Still, it was not enough to defeat the Ginyu task force. Only Son Goku managed to do this.

The fact that Kuririn's powers were awakened on Namek probably compensates for the training of Piccolo, Tensinhan, Chao Zu and Yamchu with Master Kaio.

The fight against freezers

Kuririn, like everyone else, competed against Freezer and had to be healed by Dende. Nevertheless, Kuririn was killed by Freezer, for the second time, so he could no longer be resuscitated with the earthly Dragon Balls. This was the reason for Son Goku's transformation into Super Sayajin.

But the Namekian Dragon Balls revive Kuririn because it doesn't matter how often you die.

The fight against the cyborgs

Kuririn never competed against Cyborgs C17 and C18. From then on he, Yamcha as well as Tenshinhan and Chao Zu, only played second fiddle. Against the forces of the Sayajins, which all became Super Sayajins over time, they simply could no longer keep up.


Kuririn fell in love with C18, which ultimately culminated in his refusal to deactivate C18 with Bulma's remote control. In doing so, he enabled Cell to perfect himself.

He also came to the Cell games with all of the Z fighters, but he was just an onlooker. When the Cell Jr. was let loose on the group, he, Yamcha and Tenshinhan of course had absolutely no chance.

After the cell games

After the Cell Games, Shenlong's Kuririn wanted him to turn 17 and 18 back into real people. However, this wish could not be fulfilled. Instead, Kuririn wished that he should at least remove the self-destruction of the two, which was also in the power of Shenlong.

The last big tournament

Kuririn was now married at 18. They had a daughter together, Marron. This seems to be an allusion to a friend of Kuririn's, but with whom he was not happy. Kuririn also competed in the last major Dragon Ball Z tournament. Actually, he wanted to leave it, but C18, who heard about the prize money, did not allow it and forced him to take part as well.

During the tournament, Kuririn defeated his opponent without any major problems. However, there was no second round because this is where the story of Babidi and Boo began.


After Kuririn, Piccolo, Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, the Kaioshin and Kibito had followed Babidi's henchmen, Kuririn and Piccolo were petrified by Dabra, the lord of the underworld, by his spit. However, the curse dissipated when Dabra was defeated.

His skills and powers

Background information

  • In the anime series, Mayumi Tanaka gave Kuririn his voice. She can also be heard in the new recordings for the new television series Dragon Ball Kai.


  1. ^ Kuririn always shaves bald head until after the Cell saga