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Save gym costs thanks to workouts at home: The best YouTube channels

The Gym membership is usually not exactly cheap. If you then go there maybe only once or twice a week, the question is whether it is worth it, especially as a student. Maybe you can do something different and thus save the gym costs ?!

For many, jogging is an option or joining a club. But if you don't enjoy jogging and you are up to date turn every penny have to - so the club is also canceled, then that doesn't mean that you have one lazy couch potato have to be.

On Youtube there are now so good and real ones professional fitness videosthat are guaranteed to get you off the couch. There are so many different people and Youtube channels that have different styles and do different workouts and sports.

So you too save your gym costs, but still stay fit, today we want to share some great YouTube channels with you with our favorite videos.

Mady Morrison

To the YouTube channel

Mady is a certified yoga teacher and offers yoga flows for beginners and advanced practitioners on her channel. But not only that. There are also a number of workout videos that are really tough. She recently published a 7 Days - 7 Workouts program on Youtube that is really fun.

Several times a year she also organizes yoga challenges in which you do a different yoga flow for 30 days. There are also fitness videos and one or two meditations. Her videos are highly professional, created with attention to detail and you can really tell with every yoga or workout video how much she is passionate about it.

Our favorite video:


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Behind BodyKiss is the fitness Youtuber Anne, but she is a professional lawyer. In addition to workout videos, there are also some private videos, food diaries and nutrition tips on her channel. She has also launched her own fitness program called BodyShape, which includes a program for both beginners and advanced users.

Our favorite workout with music from the 2000s puts you in a good mood and brings back many memories;):

Our favorite video:

Sascha Huber

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Everything on Sascha's channel revolves around fitness and muscle building. He also explains what you should pay particular attention to with certain exercises and how to do it correctly. There are HIIT workouts, warm ups, six pack workouts, workouts for the upper body, legs and more. Everything for training at home.

Our favorite video:

Pamela Reif

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Pamela has millions of followers on Youtube and Instagram, so you probably already know her. The influencer is active in the food, fitness and fashion sectors and regularly brings her own collections onto the market.

During the Corona period, when we all had to stay at home, she decided to publish new workout plans on her Instagram channel every week. She has currently been doing this for 16 weeks. For 16 weeks you have been able to do a different workout every day - which is also tailored to your level and how long you have time to train during the day. The videos are of course repeated, but there are always new combinations and new videos are added several times a week. So it definitely won't get boring.

Our favorite video:

Coach Stef

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Coach Stef is a personal trainer and physiotherapist and therefore knows what is particularly important when performing various fitness exercises. Explained on his channel, he offers technique tutorials in the field of bodyweight and functional fitness, as well as various workouts and theoretical tips for your training.

Our favorite video:

Saving gym costs as a student: couch potato or workout at home?

How do you choose Do you get active and do your workout at home when you can't afford the membership fee at the gym near you, or do you prefer "Netflix and Chill" nights? As you can see, there are tons of different great people out there that you can follow and with whom you can put together your workout at home.

You don't have to follow just one and do these workouts all the time. A mixture of different fitness trainers and types of workouts is super easy, gives variety and certainly motivates even more.

If you have also decided to save gym costs and train at home, please tell us in the comments whether you train with Youtube and which channels you particularly like.

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