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House of Little Researchers

Natural phenomena are part of everyday experience of children: the cocoa steams in the morning, grass leaves green stains on your pants, the ball of ice melts if we eat it too slowly - and can we actually touch clouds? Children observe, explore their environment and want to “understand” these things in the truest sense of the word.

This is where the “House of Little Scientists” educational initiative comes in. With its nationwide advanced training program, it supports pedagogical specialists and teachers in accompanying children in research and discovery. It is not about imparting factual knowledge. Rather, the children are supported in answering their questions independently and exploring their environment.

To this end, the foundation works nationwide with over 200 network partners, who in turn cooperate with other regional actors on site. More than 1,000 actors across Germany are committed to good early STEM education. Since 2006, pedagogical specialists and teachers from more than 30,000 daycare centers, after-school care centers and elementary schools have taken part in the training program. Over 5,000 institutions have already been certified as “House of Little Researchers” and thus demonstrate their continuous educational work in the area of ​​“MINT education for sustainable development”.

Technical foundation and impact orientation

The “House of Little Researchers” foundation is continuously developing its pedagogical and didactic concept based on the latest findings from modern research in the areas of early childhood education, developmental psychology, specialist didactics and learning research. To do this, she is advised and evaluated by well-known experts from science and education.

The effects of the offers are examined in studies. Constant quality monitoring checks to what extent the offers and materials are suitable for achieving the intended effects. Since 2018, the “House of Little Scientists” foundation has been awarded the Phineo “Acts!” Seal.

Celebrate childish curiosity

The initiative celebrates children's curiosity every summer with the “Day of Little Scientists”. The nationwide day of action is intended to arouse enthusiasm for research and set an example for the importance of good early MINT education. All of Germany is called upon to take part in the participation day and do research together with children.

The “Researcher Spirit” competition recognizes the commitment of daycare professionals to early MINT education. In this nationwide day-care center competition organized by the Deutsche Telekom Foundation and the “House of Little Scientists” foundation, outstanding day-care center projects are sought and awarded that encourage girls and boys to research and discover.


House of Little Researchers

The non-profit foundation "House of Little Researchers" is committed to good early education in the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT) - with the aim of making girls and boys strong for the future and enabling them to act sustainably. Together with its local network partners, the foundation offers a nationwide educational program that supports pedagogical specialists and teachers in accompanying children of kindergarten and elementary school age in a qualified way in discovering, researching and learning. The “House of Little Researchers” improves educational opportunities, promotes interest in the MINT area and professionalises educational staff for this purpose. The foundation's partners are the Siemens Foundation, the Dietmar Hopp Foundation, the Dieter Schwarz Foundation and the Friede Springer Foundation. It is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.