How can I get free DID numbers

What is a DID number (and how does it benefit your customers)?

Vanity numbers

Many companies use the letters on a telephone keypad as a marketing tool. Getting a number that includes a word to explain or clarify the purpose of the company can be a very effective communication strategy. However, it is very difficult to get a vanity number from your regular telephone company. When a company requests a new number, the operator simply offers the next available sequential number.

It is possible to request a specific number, but quite often those jazzy, meaningful numbers are already taken. Number selection is a phase of a company's marketing effort that can benefit telephony service providers. If you can organize your numbering system so that inquirers can search for available numbers, you have a better chance of attracting new customers.

Customers aiming for a national market won't worry about the area codes you offer. Those looking for a meaningful word interpretation of a number may be more willing to include numbers in an area code. Since DID numbers can be used to channel calls from anywhere, this service can be a great marketing tool for you while supporting potential customers' marketing dreams.

Free phone numbers

Traditional phone companies had offered spellable free phone numbers for decades before the industry was liberalized and other companies were allowed to offer phone numbers. Attaching a free phone number to a physical number regardless of the area code was a forerunner of the later DID system. The internet revolution and the lifting of AT & T's influence on the telecommunications industry allowed companies to create competitors and offer more competitive prices to customers with idle numbers.

With Freephone DID numbers, your customers can take calls from anywhere in the United States and route them to a sales office that is just offshore. It is even possible to outsource customer service departments so that your customers do not have to employ their own staff.

Keep your customers happy

These outsourced service providers also offer VoIP call forwarding and DID numbers as a package.

If you are a VoIP phone service and you don't sell extension numbers, your customers can get their numbers elsewhere and may replace your services with their new partner.

If you fail to provide all of the phone accessories your customers need, you are opening the door for your customers to shop. DID numbers offer you great advantages, not just your customers. When you can offer a complete telephony package with extension numbers, your customers are always close by.

Advantages of the DID number

DID numbers are the key to giving your customers a new way of doing business. They benefit from the many options that DID numbers offer, including the ability to downsize their stores without compromising on quality. In fact, it will enable them to improve the quality of service.

A global office linked to an extension number can deploy individual technicians in strategic locations around the world. With this strategy, your customers can provide 24-hour support to their own customers without operators having to work all night. A DID number user can move the assignment of this number to different devices at will and also plan this assignment depending on the time of day. This way, support calls can be directed to different parts of the world at different times depending on the availability of staff.

Marketers will immediately see the benefits that DID numbers offer. Many local numbers can be directed to a central sales office and it is much easier to open an office to promote sales in a new country if the company does not need to own or employ staff in that location. This new overseas office is just another DID number that routes calls back to the company's existing premises and experienced staff.

DID numbers increase marketing strategies, simplify recruiting and reduce costs. If you are not currently offering your customers DID numbers, you need to be aware that your competitors will.

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