Sex Who enjoys sex more?

Does a woman enjoy sex more than a man?

Attitudes and feelings about sex change in the course of life - in both sexes!

At a young age, the boys have a certain "sticking in" and they often see foreplay only as a "chore" until it is "wet enough" to finally be able to start "in and out". They usually come to orgasm relatively reliably in a few minutes and then have "reached their goal" and "managed" to fulfill the mission of "Mother Nature" - namely to save mankind from extinction. In doing so, he feels "great" and the sex "great" - although his partner often confirms it rather than saying that she has fallen by the wayside.

In the beginning it is mainly the "conquest" that counts for a boy and everything without inserting it does not count as sex, while many girls often get stuck in these sporting exercises and only experience a climax by chance or through their own hands. Therefore, many young women initially find sex "nice" and appreciate the closeness and attention they receive during the act, but real satisfaction only gains part.

This also explains why many guys here at GF ask questions such as "How can I hold out longer?" - and only mean the duration of the in-and-out while the girls ask "Why don't I have an orgasm?"

Once a couple has come together (for which communication is important!) That HE realizes that the duration of the entire event is decisive for YOU - from the first kiss to cuddling - and therefore patience and empathy are more required than pure perseverance , the first step has been taken.

Then the signs are often reversed, because under the tongue and hands of an experienced (or properly instructed) lover, a woman can comfortably shudder for hours, experience numerous orgasms and enjoy with all her senses. Penetration is then only part of the fun.

The arousal curve of a man drops rapidly after his orgasm and even if he can enjoy caresses beyond that, it becomes more and more difficult for him to motivate himself to another round ...

Therefore, a woman CAN often enjoy GOOD sex longer and more intensely than a man - if both of them know what they are doing ...

Be nice to each other!

R. Driving