Cookies or bread rolls

Bread, rolls, cookies, Danish pastries - baking with potatoes

Potatoes make better bread

Experienced bakers know: Potatoes make the bread and even replace half of the flour with grated or mashed potatoes. Because potatoes make bread juicy and make it light and crooked.

There are several ways to prepare potatoes for bread dough:

  • The potatoes are washed, peeled, grated and placed raw in the dough.
  • The potatoes are peeled and cooked until they are done. They are mashed into the bread dough. But we have already baked bread with the mashed potatoes left over from the day before.
  • Baked potatoes are mashed in a potato press or with the back of a fork and added to the rest of the bread ingredients. This method also likes to replace the otherwise popular industrial potato flakes.
  • Some bakers combine part raw and part cooked potatoes in order to make the best use of the soft properties of the potato and also to achieve a moist bread.
  • Smart bakers wrap their bread in raw potato slices, add large pieces of potato (like Max Kugel in Cologne) or bake fried potato bread. This looks nice and adds extra texture and flavor.


Image source: Max Kugel


Potatoes, the secret ingredient in biscuits, cakes, pastries and Danish pastries

You don't suspect them here, but: Potatoes are the perfect ingredient for biscuits, cakes and sweet pastries. They make brownies softer, round off creamy cheesecake filling and complement homemade muesli! Floury potatoes are best for pastries.

For sweet pastries, the potatoes are usually washed, quartered, boiled and pressed through the potato press while still warm. Also like twice for particularly fine mashed potatoes. Leftover mashed potatoes are also suitable, we recommend removing the salt from the cake recipe.

We have often baked with potatoes, here is a list of tried and tested things from our bakery:

By the way: What applies to sweet pastries also works with savory ones: mashed potatoes are great in cheesy waffles and savory cupcakes for picnics, because they make for a juicy result.


With potatoes through Advent

In the run-up to Christmas it is worth picking up potatoes. Gingerbread, Christmas stollen and other Advent delicacies become juicier with potatoes. We tried it and will never bake without it again:


In principle, you can replace part of the flour with mashed potatoes in every recipe, just like with regular sweet pastries.

A heart for potato waffles

Not baking in the classic sense: We'd like to break a lance for potato waffles. They are delicious and work in the sweet and savory versions (the kitchen smells as if you were baking potato pancakes) or with a delicious filling or topping of your choice.