Is someone still using cloth diapers

Who uses cloth diapers?

Hello my dears,

After I was skeptical at first, we have read the last few days and decided that we want to use cloth diapers for us babies.
Maybe someone already has experience and would like to answer a few questions for me.
Because there is nothing at Melovia at the moment and at least I don't want to buy the overpants used, I bought four one-size-fits-all overpants from Rumparooz yesterday, as well as 10 microfiber pads. I'll get more each time, I think. I would like to start as soon as the standard size fits, I didn't want to buy an extra newborn size now, maybe mine will fit quite early !?
I also wanted to get bamboo or hemp for underneath.
At first the microfiber inlays or washcloths from Ikea are enough on their own?
And then later on I would use bamboo or hemp and microfiber on top, I've read that's pretty good. However, I then read on another page that microfibers shouldn't touch the skin? Does anyone know why? If I still have dry fleece and later a diaper fleece over it, is that ok?
Does anyone know whether I "may" continue to use fabric softener for washing or is that bad?
Or does someone recommend other deposits?
I just heard that cotton is supposed to be stupid.
How I do it at night I don't know yet, I'm still a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing, maybe I get pant diapers (how many do you need there and which are good?) And pull-on pants or at least I use disposable diapers at night ...
Oh yes and do you use wet wipes / wet toilet paper or what are you doing there?
Sorry for the thousand questions, I'm grateful for every answer!

Kind regards knockknock-penny with Babyboy 30 + 3