What is an induction speaker


Here at nurido.eu we have already tested a wide variety of speakers, most recently the great Veho 360 ° M5 Bluetooth active box.

Now we would like to introduce you to another product that we think is worth mentioning, namely the Sonivo Universal Easy. The special feature: the sound is not transmitted from the smartphone via Bluetooth, but via induction. Find out what this speaker can do in this review ...

Information about induction
More and more devices - such as the Sphero 2.0 robotic ball - are no longer supplied with power via a conventional plug, but via induction. In the meantime, people have even gone so far that not only smartphones or the like can be charged in this way, but even buses. This is currently being tested in a large trial in Braunschweig, where the vehicles at the stops refresh their batteries without contact using a magnetic field.

Of course, most smartphones today have Bluetooth, but this form of connection with speakers has two disadvantages: On the one hand, you need more power from the battery and, on the other hand, the pairing between the devices does not always work smoothly.

Many people therefore connect box and mobile phone with a jack cable, which of course is not the last word.

It's easier with the Sonivo Universal Easy: You just have to put the player on it and switch it on, and the sound is amplified. This works via a sensor that converts the vibrations of the loudspeaker integrated into the smartphone. And that works amazingly well!

Since the small box also has a built-in battery, the part even works on the go. It is charged via the supplied USB cable. And if you use a player without a loudspeaker, you can also connect it using a jack cable.

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Our test result: It's surprising how easy and reliable the Sonivo Universal Easy speaker is to use. The “Near Field Audio” device offers an above-average sound quality and doesn't cost too much, because the retailer only charges 24 euros for it. That is why we can rate this active box as “very good” with a clear conscience and one BUY RECOMMENDATION speak for it.

It has seldom been so easy to put a smartphone speaker into operation: just switch it on and put the mobile phone on it. You don't need any specialist knowledge to make the sound sound. This is why Sonivos Universal Easy is particularly suitable for people who are not that technically savvy. Since the box is also very handy and light, it can be used perfectly on the go. In addition, the brand and size of the smartphone are irrelevant, which clearly makes it easier to use in practice.