Does Tinder really work in India

Online datingTinder in India

Swipe a few times and then into the box - that's the principle behind Tinder. And at first glance, there is hardly anything that could be less suitable for India, the land of arranged marriages. Even so, the company has now opened an office in New Delhi.

Tinder is the dating app for everyone who likes to get down to business quickly: a quick date, quick sex, swipe and away. And India, that is the country in which the vast majority of marriages are still arranged - and sex before marriage is not at all welcomed by large sections of the population. Nevertheless, now comes together what does not seem to belong together. Tinder opens an office in New Delhi.

"The Indians need Tinder profiles that have to be much more discreet."
Silke Dittrich, correspondent in India

Our correspondent Silke Dittrich also says: Dating in India is very different from what we know from Germany. For many Indians, it is still a no-go when men and women who are not married meet alone. The parks in New Delhi are therefore full of couples who hide behind bushes and trees when they want to hold hands. And even if the mating behavior in the megacities is slowly loosening up, Silke Dittrich has observed completely different things in the countryside. Here it is completely impossible for a boy and a girl to meet alone.

Parents don't play a role in casual dating in India - because they don't even notice. But when things get serious, there is no getting around them. As a rule, the mother and father are responsible for marriages - and not the spouse. So potential partners are sought among relatives and acquaintances. And if that doesn't work, they'll run ads that are more about religion, caste, and skin color than about duck faces.

Tremendous growth

Tinder has been around in India for three years and, despite the traditional society, the company is experiencing tremendous growth. That probably has to do with the fact that the population is so young. Half of the population is under 25. A huge market that works a little differently than in the west. And that should be the big challenge for Tinder, says Silke Dittrich. This is one of the reasons why the company has now opened its own office in India and hired Indian employees.

One thing is clear: Indians put much more emphasis on privacy and are more discreet. And what is the biggest hurdle in online dating in the west is even more complicated in India: When does a chat become the first meeting?