What is the full form of CC

Question 1 - Share:

Are you allowed to pass on your work to anyone else?

This includes, for example, copying, publishing or demonstrating the work.

(If “no” you do not need to answer the other questions.)

yes ☐ no ☐

Question 2 - Edit:

Can others change your work before passing it on?

This includes e.g. excerpts, extensions, translations or the conversion into new formats.

yes ☐ no ☐

yes, as long as others pass on the new work under the same license ☐

Question 3 - Commercial Use:

Do you also grant others the above rights for commercial purposes? This includes, for example, the publication on a professional blog, the use in paid workshops, courses, and training or the sale of the content in any media.

yes ☐ no ☐

Question 4 - Attribution:

Are you waiving your right to have your name included every time your work is passed on? (Please note that this is excluded under German copyright law. You can find more information here.)

yes ☐ no ☐

If you answer these four questions along the path of our infographic, you will find the right license for you on the right-hand side. Under the infographic you will find an overview of the individual components of the license as well as the various licenses.

The “License chooser” tool (in German) on the Creative Commons website will also help you choose your license. After selecting the questions, complete modules for your own website (or for paper and other media) are created.