Are you sadly depressed

Depression test: are you sad or already depressed?

About the depression test

Depression is not to be trifled with - unfortunately it is still too often a taboo subject these days. Few people speak openly about the diagnosis of depression, and it is very common. Even public figures such as Albert Camus, Catherine Zeta-Jones or Truman Capote are affected - the disease does not stop at any social class. Studies estimate that around 20% of women and 10% of men will develop depression at some point in their lives. However, the number of unreported cases will be higher among men in particular, as men speak even less openly about the topic than women.

Depression is the general term for mental depression that can occur either occasionally or continuously. But you have to know that no two depressions are alike. How it affects always depends on the person in question - the facets of the disease are simply very large.

There are a number of symptoms that suggest depression, in addition to being depressed and sad. These include: joylessness; Lack of energy and drive; Trouble sleeping; Brooding & apprehension, often combined with severe fear of the future; Irritability and restlessness; Despair and hopelessness up to thoughts of suicide and physical complaints. If these symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, it is definitely advisable to see a doctor.

You probably want to take our depression test right now because you are not feeling well. However, it is very important to distinguish whether it is really a depression, or whether you are perhaps just sad or in a bad mood. Our test can provide clues as to whether you really have depression. However, you should still be aware that this is not a medical examination or analysis and, if in doubt, you should always seek a discussion with the doctor or psychotherapist. We ask about different symptoms of depression in a questionnaire of 20 questions and you just have to decide whether it applies to you or not. You will receive your result from us immediately afterwards.