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Northern Forests
documentary film
HD 2020

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Nature no longer exists, human interventions affect everything and so everything is different from what it would naturally be. (1)

The question is not how we can save nature, but what kind of environment do we live in and what practices should we use to achieve this? (3)

The population of Istanbul has grown rapidly since the 1980s and, especially in the last ten years, the rural areas on the Black Sea coast have increasingly been included in the development. Extensive forest areas are being cut down, lakes filled in and areas formerly used for agricultural purposes are being converted into urban building land. Immediately adjacent to Lake Terkos, which provides a large part of the drinking water for Istanbul, a new airport was recently built on 9,000 hectares. The next major project is a canal that will connect the Marmara Sea with the Black Sea. Another construction project that harbors incalculable risks for the global climate.

KUZEY ORMANLARI SAVUNMASI is an ecological activist group from Istanbul who have been trying for several years to organize resistance against these gigantic building projects together with the villagers. For her film, Julia Lazarus followed the group on their travels through the forests north of Istanbul, to the residents of the Black Sea and the huge construction sites that encircled their villages.

The film gives an insight into the civil resistance against the capital-driven destruction of the communal living space and the still existing agricultural and forestry areas, which are equally threatened by the expanding real estate industry. In terrifyingly beautiful pictures, the film shows how the prevailing profit-oriented economy leads to a permanent destruction of the common basis of life. The film also tells of a small community that, despite the overwhelming power it faces, is not ready to give up and is determined to actively counter its own fear.