What does a guide dog training include

Interactive lectures

Recommended age group: 6-14 years

For this show we bring at least one animal from every continent. We work with a map on which we will assign the animals. In addition, we go into the adaptations of the animals and the conditions of the habitats.


Animals need our help

Recommended age group: 6-18 years

In this lecture we want to deal with animal welfare issues such as factory farming (chickens, rabbits), fur production (chinchilla, nutria), wild-caught (gray parrot), correct husbandry and feeding of animals. We want to explain to the students why it is important to pay attention to where the products they buy come from.

The participating animals, all rescued from bad circumstances, do not make this lecture a shocking insight for students, but captivate with their charm and show how special every single animal in this world is.


Life artist

Recommended age group: 8-18 years

During this lecture, we particularly want to go into the various adaptations and adaptations of animals that have developed in the course of evolution. Many animals have developed certain colors, body attachments and behaviors that they adapt particularly well to their habitat.


Animal Training - Magic or Science?

Recommended age group: 10-18 years

During this show, students will learn how to train animals without pressure or violence. With our method, the students will first train themselves so that they get an idea of ​​how the animal feels when it is supposed to learn something. With the help of a so-called clicker, first the pupils, then the animals, are conditioned. Then the children can try out different behaviors with our animals.

We will talk about what an animal should be trained for (including guide dog training, film animal training, zoo animal training, etc.) and we will show what our animals have already learned and that any animal can be trained, as our giant red cockroaches will prove.

This program is particularly suitable for young people who have already dealt with animal behavior.


Here is a short extract from some of the ATC show animals:

Animal species Possible topics (general information on the animal groups and personal information for each animal

Greek tortoise keeping pets, nutrition, animal welfare, conservation of species

King snake reptiles, adaptations, prejudices

Leopard geckos reptiles

Malagasy giant hot cockroach ecosystem, adaptations, film animal training

Agate snails pet farming

Stick insects camouflage

Walking leaf camouflage

Chickens animal training, animal welfare (farm animals)

Mini Shetland pony animal training, pet keeping

Haflinger pets

Llama animal training, adaptations, keeping pets

Pygmy goats animal training, domestic animal husbandry

Nutria fur animals

Dogs, animal training, dog encounters, handling and respect for animals


Costs: from € 240 for 60 students, special agreements possible