How could Aragog speak in Harry Potter


Aragog is the acromantula from Rubeus Hagrid. She creates the only known colony of acromantula in Great Britain. When Aragog was still an egg, it was imported to Great Britain. Hagrid got the egg from a traveler in 1941/42. He raises the acromantula at Hogwarts, which is against the rules. So Hagrid hides them in a dark cupboard in the underground part of the castle. He feeds the spider with scraps of food so that it grows very large. After a few months, Aragog realizes that there is a basilisk at Hogwarts. His instincts tell him to flee, but Hagrid won't let him. From him Aragog then learns that there is a monster in the castle that is killing people, but no one knows what it is. Hagrid is constantly trying to persuade him to explain what it is, but Aragog doesn't dare to say "Basilisk".
The spider's hiding place is exposed in June 1942 and Aragog is forced to flee into the forbidden forest as he is accused of being the monster. Aragog can stay deep in the forest. When Hagrid finds a female acromantula named Mosag, he lives there with her and her growing family. Harry is over fifty years old during his school days and his eight eyes have gone blind and turned white. In Harry's sixth year he becomes seriously ill and dies. Professor Slughorn secretly takes poison from him at his funeral. This is a very rare, expensive, and sought-after ingredient in potions.
Aragog didn’t harm anyone in his life out of respect for Hagrid. Even if Hagrid visits him with his large family, nothing happens to him, because the spider has forbidden her children to attack him. However, this does not apply to other people. When Harry and Ron go to the acromantulas, Aragog doesn't attack, but he doesn't forbid his family to do so. Since Aragog died, Hagrid has not been safe from the acromantulas either.

Text by: Kitty from Ravenclaw
Picture of: mummy from Gryffindor