Can my wife use my Uber account

Manage Amazon accounts on mobile devices

You can add, remove, or switch between Amazon accounts using the Amazon app on your mobile device.

Annotation: Do not add your accounts to devices that are publicly used or shared with others, as anyone with access to the device will also have access to your Amazon accounts. All new Amazon accounts that are added to your mobile app automatically inherit the app permissions (for example for camera access) and settings (for example for language). If you update the app settings in an Amazon account, they will be updated for everyone.

To manage the Amazon account on a mobile device:

  1. Go to the option in the Amazon app menu on.
  2. Go to Settings and choose Switch accounts out.

If you sign out of the device, you will only be signed out of that device.

If you need to sign out of a device that you no longer have access to, sign in to your Amazon account using a desktop or mobile browser and visit the My Content and Devices page. Select on the tab "Equipment" the device in the list and Sign out out.