What is a landline phone number

Landline numbers: Also available for cellular or VoIP connection

Landline numbers
Image: teltarif.de Landline numbers consist of the actual phone number and an area code. When making calls across national borders, the country code can also be added.

In the past, fixed network numbers could only be assigned location-based due to the technical structure of the exchanges, but that time has actually long been over. In principle, landline numbers can now be switched not only to a landline connection, but also to a cellular or VoIP connection. For example, all network operators now offer an option with a landline number. The costs for this are manageable - in another article we have provided you with an overview of all mobile phone tariffs with home zone and landline number. The regulating authority, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), still stipulates a location-based restriction: A landline number may only be assigned to a subscriber with the area code of his current place of residence. This is also the reason why a user can easily take his landline number with him when moving within the same location or when changing telephone provider, but not when moving across local borders.

Be available anywhere under a landline number - with VoIP

Landline numbers
Anyone who has received a phone number with an area code for their place of residence can of course set it up so that they can in principle be reached anywhere under the landline number via call diversion or VoIP. Some VoIP providers also offer inbound porting of existing landline numbers to the VoIP connection. You can read detailed information about VoIP connections in our guide on the subject.

Reachable by mobile phone at landline number: Homezone or nationwide

With some tariffs, the customer can only be reached under the landline number in a certain defined area according to the home zone principle. In the event that the user is outside the home zone during a call, he can set up forwarding to the mailbox or cell phone and, alternatively, play an announcement that he is currently unavailable. However, if the customer wants to be reachable everywhere under the fixed network number, he pays his cell phone provider for call diversion per minute of call.

In contrast, some providers have a nationwide home zone for the landline number. Incoming calls are always forwarded to the mobile phone number free of charge. However, the same conditions also apply to outgoing calls regardless of location.

Landline number for mobile phones available in some tariffs at no extra charge

The landline number for the mobile phone is already included in many tariffs. Sometimes, however, the customer still has to book a free option for this. Here you will find an overview of all mobile phone tariffs and options with landline numbers.

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