Vizio is a top brand for HDTVs

Vizio's P-Series: 4K TVs for Under $ 1,000

Vizio introduced its new P-Series at CES in Las Vegas.

The new televisions from Vizio's P series have UHD panels and come in different sizes. Consumers can especially look forward to the price tag: The brand is offering the 50-inch model in the series for US $ 999.99, or around EUR 732, on the US market. It is not yet clear whether or when the TVs will come to Germany.

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P series

Vizio's P-Series offers a wide variety of screen sizes ranging from 50 to 70 inches. The largest TV costs $ 2,600. The devices in the series have a UHD high-definition computer on board. This scales footage with 1080pin UHD quality. The picture format of the TVs is an unusual 3: 2. According to Vizio, the P-Series achieves an image transfer rate of 120 frames per second.

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Smart TV functions

For the Smart TV functions, Vizio has built a processor and a graphics card with four cores each into the televisions of the P series. To make Internet applications easier to control, Vizio includes a remote control with a QWERTY keyboard on the back. The buttons are illuminated to facilitate operation in the dark. The televisions offer access to the company's own “Vizio Internet Apps Plus” platform with the usual applications such as mail offers, Facebook and YouTube.