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Vienna must not become Chicago!

Election poster of the FPÖ for the Vienna municipal council election on November 10, 1991

The FPÖ contested the Viennese municipal council elections on November 10, 1991 with the slogan "Vienna must not become Chicago!", Which it also used in 1996 under the motto "We will stick with it: Vienna must not become Chicago".

The slogan was affixed in 1991 in large white letters on a black background. In addition to the slogan itself, only the party's logo, consisting of a red and blue "F" on which a beam of light (a spot) fell, was on the posters.

The viewer's attention should therefore be directed specifically to the party's slogan and logo, whereby? so the poster statement? the very thing that guarantees what the poster warns of, namely that "Vienna will become Chicago". In the logic of the FPÖ, Chicago is understood as a code for increasing crime, caused by increasing migration. The real circumstances (what are the living conditions of the migrants like, what is their share of the crime rate) are not of interest, rather it is a matter of conveying the detailed image of "foreigners". This policy was expressed not least in the "Foreigners out" ("Austria first") - a referendum by the FPÖ from 1992, against which hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated across Austria on January 23, 1993 ("Sea of ​​Lights" in Vienna).

Regarding the election of November 10, 1991:

In the municipal council elections on November 13, 1991, a total of 1,125,058 Viennese were eligible to vote. Of the total of 735,990 votes cast, 718,306 were valid. The turnout was 65.42%.

The validly cast votes were distributed among the candidate parties as follows:

SPÖ: 343,403 of the Simmen surrendered (47.81%), 52 seats
FPÖ: 161,904 of the votes cast (22.54%), 23 seats
ÖVP: 129,678 of the votes cast (18.05%), 18 seats
Greens: 65,245 of the votes cast (9.08%), 7 seats
VGÖ: 13,035 of the votes cast (1.8%), 0 seats
KPÖ: 4,598 of the votes cast (0.64%), 0 seats

The SPÖ, FPÖ, ÖVP and Greens made it into the Vienna City Council. Although the SPÖ was able to retain its mandate majority, it lost significantly compared to the previous elections in 1987 (previously 54.9% of the votes and 62 seats). The ÖVP recorded massive losses (28.4% of the vote and 30 seats in 1987), while the FPÖ and the Greens were among the clear winners. In the 1991 municipal council elections, the FPÖ became the second strongest party in Vienna for the first time (1987 9.7% of the votes and 8 seats); In 1991 the Greens were able to join the Vienna City Council for the first time.

Source: Rauchberger, Josef, keyword democracy. 50 years of current affairs, Vienna 1994.

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