What is Miley Cyruss's phone number

Miley's new hotline: «Are you under 18? Then hang up »


With the release of her new EP, Miley Cyrus launched a hotline. We called.

Six new songs are on Miley Cyrus' EP "She Is Coming". With the new music, the 27-year-old has also brought condoms onto the market and set up a hotline. "Call me if you dare," Miley wrote on Instagram on Monday.

We dared and dialed the number. For those who save the telephone costs or do not want to pass on data to the Miley PR team: Here is the log of what happens when you type in 1-833-SHE-ISMC.

Before the phone can even ring, Miley's voice is already yelling on tape: “Hello! Thanks for calling Miley's hotline. If you are over 18, press 1. If you are under 18, then hang up. "

We are of legal age - and then choose the first Miley to speak a little sketch in which she says Glace, a series of pussy allusions and the sentence “You think men can tell women what to do with their bodies? Then bang you one! " Wrapped in jokes in 25 seconds.

Incidentally, if you call several times, you will receive different versions of a short Miley sketch.

30 seconds after confirming the legal age, Miley says: “She is coming! Now available."

Then she explains that the phone number and call can be used for marketing purposes. She then rattles down the conditions at a speed that is impressive, but makes what has been said incomprehensible.

Finally Miley says: "Leave me a message!" Beep.

We say "Hi" briefly and hang up.

Then an SMS comes in automatically (with a cat emoji) asking us to register in Miley's phone book. To do this, you have to enter your name, email address, Instagram and Twitter username.

We refrain from registering.

Here is another audio sample. (Source: Youtube)